HappyFlex SoftGlitter

HappyFlex SoftGlitter

HappyFlex SoftGlittern is a smooth and sparkling film. It feels sleek, almost silky when pressed on the textile. The stylish sparkle is perfect for all sorts of modern, fashionable creations.  



available as  

DIN A4 single sheet

roll: 25 cm x 1 m (9.8" x 39.4")

special prices starting at three sheets/rolls


HappyFlex® SoftGlitter films are easy to handle and suitable for:


  • 100% cotton

  • 100% polyester

  • poly/cotton blends


With resublimating fabrics (polyester or soft shell) we recommend a test print. The dye might bleed through especially with lighter SoftGlitter colours. 


HappyFlex SoftGlitter films can be cut with plotter cutters, stencils or by hand.


Remember to:

  • mirror design before cutting,
  • always make a test cut when using a plotter cutter.

You may chose your favourite size from the following formats: 

  • A4 sheet (ca. 21 x 29 cm; 8.3" x 11.7")
  • Roll 25 x 100 cm (9.8" x 39.4") 


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