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HappyFlex films offer a high quality, convincing even in highly detailed textile prints. HappyFlex films are durable and offer a wide variety of colours that will make your designs stand out. HappyFlex films can be layered and printed over each other, thus creating appealing patterns.

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HappyFlex 3D

HappyFlex 3D is a soft textile film. Once pressed the film feels like fabric to the touch. HappyFlex 3D puffs when printed. This creates a depth effect that is otherwise only obtained by screen printing.

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HappyFlex Clear

HappyFlex Clear films are ultra-thin transparent textile films with a matt or a glossy finish. The film is soft to the touch. They are ideal for a subtle effects.

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HappyFlex Chameleon

HappyFlex Chameleon films are very thin semi-transparent textile films with a great coloured glimmer that is almost metallic. The coloured glimmer depends mainly on the colour of the textile. It gets more opaque as the textile gets darker.

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HappyFlex Silk

HappyFlex Silk is a very soft and elastic textile film made from silicone. Pressed on the textile the film is slightly embossed at .2 or .5 mm. The film is rigid and does not follow the movements of the fabric.

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HappyFlex Stretch

HappyFlex Stretch ist a very soft and elastic textile film that ist hardly felt. It is suitable for elastic fabrics such as jersey and elastane as it streches with the fabric.

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HappyFlex SubliBlock

HappyFlex SubliBlock was especially developped for resublimating polyester textiles. Of course it can be used just as well on cotton, regular polyester or poly/cotton blends.

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Our HappyFlock ist a fluffy and colourful textile film, suitable to create great designs. Wether you wish to print big motives, detailed patterns or small emblems on your textiles – Unleash your creativity with HappyFlock!

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With HappyGlitter you can create marvellously glittering design for your textiles. It  works magic in combination with other films and the effect is simply beautiful. Films with a glitter effect are also used in the fashion industry.

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MHappy Fashion is a slightly thicker film you can use to create fancy effects for your textiles: whether  you wish to achieve sparkling, shining, or hologram-effects – you can let your imagination run wild. HappyFashion films provide a variety of colours and effects to bring your visions into reality. 

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HappyFashion Pro

HappyFashion Pro is a pre-patterned film, ideal for large yet subtle iridescent effects. Print HappyFashion Pro over other smooth transfer films to realise trendy designs. It also shines on its own.

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HappyFashion Foil


HappyFashion Foils are extremely thin metallic films - perfect to achieve great effects on other printed films. This kind of decoration is best combined with textile films such as HappyFlex or HappyPrint.


Happy Fashion Foils do not need to be cut before pressing. Simply place the sheet over your transfer and press. The effect film will only stick to the transfer but not to the textile. 

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Use HappyReflective to garnish your textiles with a reflective effect. This effect can be used as a fashion statement or as a functional effect with reflecting elements on clothes to protect pedestrians or cyclists in traffic.

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HappyGlow is a phosphorescent textile film that glows in the dark. The film "charges" when exposed to light and continues to glow in the dark. Perfect for those long evenings in the winter!

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Vinyl Film

Opaque, matt, coloured multi-purpose premium vinyl film

  • matt finish 
  • acrylate adhesive for easy peeling
  • flame resistant according to EN ISO 9239-1
  • perfect opacity
  • 23 brilliant colours

Outdoor durabilty up to five years depending on the colour.

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