What can you use HTV with?

Here at HappyFabric UK, we specialise in Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV), and we use it everyday on different projects! This blog tells you 10 things (some of which may surprise you!) that work with our HappyFabric vinyl- tried and tested by our team.

  1. Wood!

Yes, HTV can be applied to wood! Just make sure the grain is smooth. For this project, we used an iron to apply the vinyl to an IKEA wooden crate.

2. Clothing and pillows!

Clothing and cushions are one of the most popular choices for applying HTV. These are especially effective if you layer the vinyl- for example, using HappyFlex as a base layer and then adding HappyFlock (with a soft texture) to add details.

3. Tennis balls!

Yes, tennis balls! For an exact 'how to', we've uploaded an IGTV here.

4. Sports and swimwear!

Got a stretchy or sporty project in mind? For this type of materials, you can use HappyFlex Stretch, which moves with the fabric.

5. Jute bags

Dependent on the width of the weave, our HappyFlex HTV presses onto hessian or jute materials beautifully!

6. Shoes!

That's right, you can even HappyFabric on to shoes! Pro tip: stuff the shoes with fabric and use the tip of the iron to press.

7. cork coasters!

HTV adheres really nicely to cork! We've used it to make Christmas tree decorations, coasters and place-mats so far.

8. Paper and card!

Paper and card are ideal for HTV! No glue required :)

9. Denim!

HTV works beautifully with denim. Just remember, with a denim jacket there are a lot of seams- so you may need to pad it out with a heat pillow or some fabric to make sure the vinyl gets enough heat.

10. Faux leather!

Even faux leather! Our recommendation here would be to not use a heat press with this- test a small area with your iron first and go carefully.

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