Vinyl Foil Instructions


Silhouette cut settings (for a new blade)

Speed: 5
Thickness: 19
Blade: 1

No two vinyls are the same even if they are of the same type. Thus cutting results may vary from colour to colour even with the same settings. That's why you always need to do a test cut – especially if the blade is a little worn. If the test cut is not correct, try adjusting the blade settings or the speed. The blade settings need to be adjusted in the software as well as on the blade itself.

Suitable for: wall tattoo | indoor | outdoor 

schritt11. Create your design using the Silhouette software.
Feed the vinyl into the cutter, colour side up.
(You do not need to mirror your design.)

schritt22. The vinyl must be applied to a clean and surface free from grease.

schritt33. After weeding apply the HappyMask transfer film to the upper side of the vinyl using the HappySqueegee. Afterwards you can peel off the carrier. You now have the transfer film with the design.

We offer HappyMask as transfer film. Before using HappyMask on the final surface, you should test its adhesive power on an inconspicuous area.  

schritt44. Your design is now ready to be applied.
First stick one corner of the design to the surface then continue to apply your design little by little using the HappySqueegee to smoothen out the design and get rid of any bubbles.
Once all of the design sticks to the surface, gently peel the HappyMask.
The HappyMask can be re-used as long as it is still sticky.

schritt55. Your very own room decoration is done!

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