Tie Dye week: Personalising with HappyFabric vinyl

Want a fun project for the Summer holidays, while on furlough or for a homemade gift?

Marnie and Hayley are kick starting August with a fun filled tie dye week, to hopefully inspire some new ideas to get crafting for kids and adults too! They teach you exactly how to turn a blank outfit into something to treasure!

This is the perfect way to transform something you already have in your wardrobe...

We started off by dunking our projects into a bucket of water, including a jumper, Children's and adult's t-shirt and some white fabric. Dampening the fabric before hand will make the dye soak in easier.

Don't forget your gloves!

Once the water was rung out of the clothing, it was time to tie elastic bands in a patterned design. We chose to create a striped jumper by scrunching it up to create a long strip and wrapped the bands into sections creating even stripes. For the fabric and child's tee we went for a traditional ring design. Lastly, for the adult tee we created a swirl by spinning the middle of the t-shirt around and around. This created the swirl shape which we were able to add elastic bands to secure.

It was finally time to add some water to the bottled dye and start adding the beautiful fuchsia colour. We added the dye to the areas we wanted to have strong colour and wrapped these up in plastic sheeting to soak for 8 hours.

Then it was time to rinse and wash the fabric ready to completely dry before adding HappyFabric vinyls.

We were so pleased with how they came out, we tried them on straight away! It was time to get personalising...

'Freedom to day dream' jumper

Choosing a HappyFlock slogan to run across the back of the jumper definitely was the ultimate way to create an edgy, personalised finish.

Marnie chose this bold, 3D style font which created the perfect outline showing the tie dye pattern through each letter. 'Day dreamer' is one of Marnie's favourite slogans to add to projects using HappyFabric vinyl as it's so versatile, you could add it to any project and it would work.

A previous project where Marnie added her favourite slogan

Check out some of the photos below of us adding the design to the jumper with a household iron. We even added a little logo to the front, keeping the day dream theme running. The great thing about HappyFlock is that it has a super soft, velvety finish creating a comforting design.

'Take it easy' tee

Choosing HappyFlex vinyl for the t-shirt slogan was another way of creating a three dimensional effect but this time we used a colour layering technique.

Who can't resist a pink and orange? We are obsessed at the moment!

HappyFlex is great for layering with as it has a smooth, thin finish which is great for creating staggered colours.

Hayley drew her bubble writing and imported this into the computer to make it a completely unique design. It really is amazing to see your own hand writing come to life. 'Take it easy' is a relaxing slogan too for lounge wear, perfect for chilling at home in.

Just look at these close ups of our makes!

In our new video you can see the real comparison to our plain tee and jumper and how we transformed them. This was such an inspiring project to create as you can be as experimental with the dye and the vinyls. You can really make a completely unique t-shirt and you never know how the tie dye will turn out.

That's the beauty of the dye and adding a personalised touch with vinyl writing or images. It can create a t-shirt that people will be asking you about time and time again. "where did you get that?".

You can turn around and say you made it or up-cycled it.

Check out our video below to see the behind the scenes of us making our dream outfits and to see them close up!

What do you think?

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