Super Simple Bunny Bag

Super Simple Bunny Bag. Our little Bunny Bag is a great way to create something extra cute when thinking of Easter Activities with Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV). Upcycle an old bag or fabric, and use minimal vinyl to create the cutest face. It doesn’t have to just be just for Easter either, carry your cute bunny all year round.

DIY easter bag with HTV

Materials List:

  1. Preheat the iron to 150 degrees.
  2. Cut out some cute little eye shapes in Black HappyFlex, along with a little mouth in the shape of an anchor and some little whiskers. I have done three for each side of the nose.
  3. Begin to place the elements onto the tote bag to create the cute bunny face. Leave a small space between the whiskers for the pom pom nose.
  4. Once you are happy with the placement, cover the vinyl over with some greaseproof and press with the iron for 10-15 seconds. Then carefully remove the plastic carrier.
  5. Now you have the cutest little face, you need to add the little pom pom nose. Work from the back and do a few tack stitches into the pompom so it stays in place.
  6.  Grab the spare tote bag so it is to hand.
  7.  With the Fluo Purple HappyGlitter Cut out 2 oval shape which will act as the colour inside of each ear.
  8. Lay these shape onto the new tote bag and with a pencil draw around them to create a floppy bunny ear shape.
  9. When you are happy with the shape, remove the vinyl shape and pin straight through the tote bag so you are pinning the bag side together.
  10. Cut these out to create the ear shapes.
  11. Do a running stitch around the edge of the ears leaving an opening.
  12. Turn the ears inside out and press them so they are neat.
  13. Grab your Glitter vinyl and add the shapes to each ear. Fuse into place.
  14. Sew the ears to the front of the bag just either side of the handles.
  15. Now grab your yarn and make yourself the cutest pompom. This will add as a little tail on the back. Sew it into place from the inside.

DIY easter bag with HTV

There you have it, the cutest little bag you could possibly want. Ready for you to store your Easter Eggs while you’re on your hunt.

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