Stocking filler ideas: How to: HTV crafting pencil case

Makers gonna make, might be our favourite slogan in the HF office. Written in HappyGlitter vinyl adds an even more wow factor. Let's face it we could all do with a little glitter coming up to the festive period...

With these quick and easy to follow steps you will be personalising your projects in no time. Let's show you how we personalised our tool pouch.

For this project you will need:

  1. Create your design in your cutting machine programme. We created our design in Silhouette Studio which is compatible with Silhouette machines. Make sure your design is the right size for your project by increasing or decreasing the image. Flip or mirror your design ready to cut into the back of the vinyl.

2. Add the vinyl shiny side down onto the mat and insert this into the machine. Make sure your settings suit the type of vinyl. On Silhouette studio we chose the Heat Transfer Glitter material option.

3. Once the design has been cut, remove the vinyl from the mat and use a weeding tool to reveal your design. This is handy to get to small areas such as the inner of the letter 'a'.

4. Pre-press your fabric first and then add the design shiny side up. Then add greaseproof paper on top.

5. Press for 10 seconds using a HappyPress 2.1 or iron (150c/ 2 dot setting).

If you are using an iron make sure there is no steam and press the design in sections making sure every letter gets even heat and pressure.

6. For HappyGlitter vinyl peel the carrier while warm to reveal even more sparkle!

Yay! It's finished and now you can fill it with all your crafting essentials. We use ours to keep all our weeding tools, small scissors and measuring tapes safe. It would make a great gift/ stocking filler, why not pop some crafting essentials inside.

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