SewYeah #thecraftyupcycle

Making Christmas jumpers from our charity shop finds!

In October, we embarked on our upcycling journey with #thecraftyupcycle challenge! The sole idea of this challenge is to take some bargain items from local charity shops and transform them into unique treasures. This could be anything from sewing up a small hole to turning a dress into a clutch bag or pair of jeans; our preferred upcycle method is (you guessed it!) using Happy Fabric heat transfer vinyl to add beautiful details to items.

For our second #thecraftyupcycle, we were joined by Christine from SewYeah to create some Christmas jumpers!

We had a selection of jumpers from our local British Heart Foundation shop (in Braintree) and Christine brought a lovely stripy jumper from Cancer Research UK. After a brainstorming process, sketching out ideas and perusing colour choice in our vinyls, we were ready to create!

Christine's jumper!

For her Christmas jumper upcycle, Christine wanted to add a colourful string of Christmas lights across the back. After she finished the back- she loved it so much that she replicated her design onto the front, too!

Heres how she created the jumper:

You will need:

OPTIONAL: Cutting machine

Step 1) Christine drew her design on to sketch book paper and cut out the different shapes to check sizing and visualise the finished project.

Step 2) When happy with her layout and design, she recreated the lights on Silhouette design studio to cut out multiple quickly. (Alternatively, you could use the sketch book shapes as templates and draw on to the back of the vinyl, then cut by hand).

Step 3) Christine cut out a number of lights on the Silhouette machine, from each of the vinyls labelled ‘lights’ in the “You will need” section above. Hayley and Christine then weeded out the lights and cut them out individually.

Step 4) For the light crowns, Christine cut a strip of HappyFlex Gold vinyl into pieces, and then trimmed them to have a curved edge.

Step 5) Next, she measured from corner to corner of her jumper, and drew the string for her Christmas lights (on to the back of the Black HappyFlex) to this measurement. Christine then cut this line thicker to create the string (as shown below).

Step 6) For the final details of her design, she cut small, rectangular strips from the HappyGlitter Light Gold to create rays of light coming from one of the bulbs.

Step 8) Using a heat press at 150 degrees, she pre-pressed the jumper all over to ensure no moisture or creases. This can also be done using an iron on the two-dot setting.

TIP: Whether using an iron or heat press, the time and settings are the same for each step.

Step 9) Christine then arranged the Black HappyFlex onto the jumper, covered with greaseproof paper and pressed the left side of the string for her Christmas lights (as the entire length would not fit under the press). She pressed this for ten seconds, then repeated the pressing process on the right side of her jumper.

Step 10) Once the vinyl had cooled slightly, she peeled away the shiny plastic carrier to reveal the smooth HappyFlex finish.

Step 12) Now she could add her second layer! Christine placed the coloured lights along the string and covered with greaseproof paper to press them.

Step 13) Once she had pressed these for ten seconds and removed the plastic carrier, Christine added her final layer of the crown of the bulbs and the rays of light for one of the Fluo Green bulbs.

Step 14) After peeling away the carriers, Christine decided that she loved the design so much, that she repeated the process for the front of the jumper!

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