'Santa STOP HERE' sign DIY

Make sure he stops at the most important house of all!

Hi Guys!

I've been making some quick, Christmassy projects over the past weeks. Here's my Santa STOP sign as seen here on MollieMakes!

To make this sign, you will need:

Now, Lets get to making!

Step one: Print off or draw an octagon shape (I printed half of one to get a bigger size). Cut the shape out to use as your template.

Step two: Use the template to draw the hexagon shape on to your felt. Cut this out.

Step three: Use the same template to draw onto the back of the HappyFlex Signal Red vinyl. Cut this out.

Step 3: Trim the Signal Red octagon to be smaller than the felt (depending on how much of a white border you would like in the end result). I used a ruler to measure 2cm in and trimmed off this much from each side.

Step 4: Using a stencil (or writing freehand), write out the letters you need (SANTA HERE) onto the back of the White vinyl. Remember to flip your stencil over, or draw the lettering backwards, as you are writing on the BACK of the vinyl.

Step 5: Once drawn out, cut them all out and repeat for the word STOP on the back of the HappyFlock black vinyl. For my sign, I hand drew the lettering a little bigger than the other letters- you could use a cutting machine if you wanted neater writing.

Step 6: Turn on your Heat Press to 150 degrees, or your iron to the two-dot setting. Give the felt a little pre-press to remove any creases or moisture.

Step 7: Once pressed, place the red octagon onto the white felt and cover with grease proof paper. Press for 10 seconds.

Step 8: Once cooled slightly, peel the shiny plastic carrier from the top of the Red vinyl as shown below.

Step 9: Place lettering on to the sign (ensuring no letters are overlapping each other) and cover with grease proof paper.

Step 10: Press for 10 seconds.

Step 11: Peel the carriers from the individual letters.

Step 12: Paint the dowel white.

Step 13: Once the dowel is dry (it made need more than one coat!) attach double sided tape to your ribbon and wrap around the dowel as shown below.

Step 14: Finally, with a glue gun, attach the dowel to the sign.

Now it's ready to place in your garden or house!

Tip: To make extra sure he stops- you could add in your names :)

-Jaymie x

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