Reusable Wrapping with The Fabric Fox!

Reduce your waste in style this Christmas with this beautiful re-usable Christmas wrapping! Kirsty from The Fabric Fox visited us with some Santa Sacks made from her fabrics, and we personalised them using our Heat Transfer (iron on) Vinyl.

For this project, Kirsty created three beautiful handmade sacks (one each for us to personalise with Happy Fabric!) using her fabrics; details of which can be found at the end of this blog post. In this post, I will be explaining how she created the blue ‘With Love, Santa’ sack.

You will need:

Step 1) Measure the bag vertically across and horizontally across to work out the length of vinyl needed (we used 1m of HappyFlex Signal Red).

Step 2) Draw out two adequate strips of vinyl and cut them. These will be your ‘ribbon’.

Step 3) Pre-press the bag using a heat press or iron (at 150) to remove any creases or moisture in the fabric and then lay one strip of vinyl in the desired position (either horizontal or vertical, as it fits).

Step 4) Cover with grease-proof paper and press for 10 seconds using a heat press or iron. After pressing, wait for the vinyl to cool and remove the shiny plastic carrier from the top of the vinyl to reveal a smooth finish.

Step 5) Lay the next strip in the correct position (as shown below) and repeat pressing process from step 4.

Step 6) Create a bow with your piece of ribbon and secure to the bag using a glue gun. When dry, sew a small pompom over the centre of the bow, to cover the join.

Step 7) Using Silhouette Studio choose your font and cut the wording on the Silhouette machine. You could also draw this by hand using a stencil flipped backwards on to the back of the vinyl, then cut using scissors.

Step 8) Using a weeding tool, pick out the wording (for example, removing the centre of the ‘a’ in Santa). Place the wording in the desired position (taking care not to overlap the carriers) and cover with grease-proof paper.

Step 9) Press this for 10 seconds and then wait to cool slightly. Peel off the plastic carriers.

Step 10) Fill with presents!!


For the blue santa sack, Kirsty used ½ metre of:

For the red:

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