Everyone loves a polka dot right?

Polka dots are everywhere at the moment! They have been making an appearance on dresses; shoes and trousers including dots of all sizes and even irregular circles giving a new leopard print vibe.

I have wanted to up-cycle these beautiful green trousers for a while. They are a pretty bold statement but such a great tailored fit. This then led me to create an inspiration mood board for my next project heat transfer vinyl project.......... polka dot trousers.

DIY polka dot trousers htv flat lay

Here’s my mood board, which shows how a simple dot can transform an outfit, a bag or pair of shoes. Multi-coloured polka dots on a white fabric could be a great way of combining the rainbow trend with a simple spot. Another idea is that you could hand cut circles and add them to a bag or shoes giving them a leopard print look. I love the traditional small dots scattered across the trousers almost looking like sprinkles. I decided to keep my trousers simple and add some white dots perfect for a summery look.

DIY polka dot trousers with htv - mood board

Now I’m going to show you the simple steps I took to create the effect.

You will need:

  • HappyFlex vinyl - White
  • A sharp hole circle punch (A small dot works best with HappyFlex)
  • Iron
  • Cover Paper or Grease-proof paper
  • Trousers


Take your HappyFlex white vinyl and hole punch lots of circles. The smaller hole punches work best for this type of vinyl.

DIY polka dot trousers with htv - hole punch


Pre-press your trousers to get rid of all the creases and any moisture in the fabric.


Add your vinyl dots onto the trousers wherever you want them to be placed. This is the beauty of the vinyl you can place it anywhere on the fabric. This could include the pockets, waistband or just the lower leg.

I also cut a few dots in half to meet at some of the seams to show the dot coming off of the fabric. You could use some fabric to cushion the seam in the trouser leg while pressing the vinyl onto this area.

DIY polka dot trousers with htv - dots


Add cover paper on top and press with an iron for 10 seconds. The iron needs to be on the 2 dot setting (150 degrees). Make sure each dot gets the same amount of heat. Do not move your iron too much as this may move the dots out of place.

DIY polka dot trousers with htv - iron on vinyl


Peel the plastic top layer off of each vinyl dot. Then you have a perfect pair of polka dot trousers without having to repurchase more trousers. This updates and transforms them into a brand new outfit.

DIY polka dot trousers with htv - hero

DIY polka dot trousers htv flat lay

Why not try this onto canvas trainers, fabric bags or hats. The possibilities with up-cycling fabric are endless.

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