New Year ideas and To-do list

First off we want to say a massive Happy New Year to you all our followers! It's a new year which means new projects, woohoo! As we are starting the year off spending time at home, we have been thinking of ways to keep us all busy with new goals and tick lists. There's something so satisfying about crossing off achievements, no matter how big or small they are. A new crafting project is definitely a fun achievement that you can work on in your own time. We have thought of ways you can make crafting fun by connecting with other people online, by making money from home or up-cycling your home.

Here are some of our ideas for planning a 2021 craft list which we hope inspire you:

  • Experiment using vinyl for the first time
  • Use a new vinyl type (eg. HappyFlock)
  • Use up all my scrap pieces of vinyl and create abstract projects
  • Up-cycle an item in my house
  • Create personalised gifts for friends and family
  • Experiment with layering vinyl
  • Have a challenge with friends online to up-cycle something in your home
  • Up-cycle clothing and transform my wardrobe
  • Have a chilled craft day at home and watch movies
  • Run an online workshop with family, friends or work collegues
  • Start a personalisation business
  • Chat online or on the phone to your friends about projects you are working on and how you will create them
  • Make fun decorative projects to sell online
  • Create a positive wall hanging or decoration for your room
  • Watch crafty YouTube videos to inspire or learn a new craft

What projects will you add to your to-do list this year?

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