• Happy Fabric is now Radio 1 Approved!

    So did you hear us on the Radio?

    Last week we had the pleasure of having radio 1 join us in the happy fabric studio!

    Radio 1 launched their R1atWork week where they sent out a team to go into different work places to meet people within their offices. They have visited so many different people and we had the pleasure of having them in to have a play with our iron on vinyls and heat presses.

    arielle free at happy fabric hq

    Arielle, Rouschan, Jamahal, and Lucy were so so excited to have a play with everything we had got them. We cut some old school radio shapes in HappyFashion Spectrum which we fused onto a black tote bag for each of them as well as one for Clara Amfo as we were on her show. We also cut each person’s name out so they could fuse them onto their own bags. We had loads of extra pre cut design which they added on to make the bag extra personalised.

    arielle free with diy htv tote bag

    Talking of Personalised, did you see the amazing Radio One cake toppers we made for the donuts we got in for them? We actually cut the design out in card of the silhouette cutter and then cut the same artwork out in our iron on Glitter. We when fused this over the top of the card. There will be a tutorial on how to create them this coming week.

    radio 1 cake toppers

    We only had limited time as the Radio One team  had to get off to the next workplace. But it was a whirlwind of fun!

    We were gifted a plaque that says ‘Approved Workplace’ with all the signatures of the  Radio One DJ’s. It’s going to live pride of place on our wall for all to see!

    radio 1 approved work place happy fabric
  • Emma Jewell Craft in da house!

    And Yes, Emma’s surname is Jewell in real life! She was born to be covered in glitter and craft her way through life.

    emma jewell craft at happy fabric hq

    I first met Emma back at the Handmade fair last year when she was working on the Cricut stand. I have always followed what Emma makes and creates on her instagram @emmajewellcrafts. She is always creating something new and fancy to WOW and inspire - and that she does! I absolutely love Emma’s style - bright, colourful, and glittery, what is not to love? Emma is a complete expert when it come to the Everything Cricut, so she has loads of ideas when it comes to new heat transfer vinyl projects.

    We started the day with a good catch up over a cuppa tea and a bit of lemon swiss roll. We discussed what we were then going to make for the day. Emma had a great idea for the three of us to create little pennant flags, so out came the thick felt, glue gun and bags of scrap vinyls. We all went for a bright, fun, colourful palette. Emma went for the HappyFashion which seems to be her ‘go-to’ vinyl. Hayley went for a mixture of colourful HappyFlex colours and a touch of Fluo Orange HappyFlock. I went for a mixture of bright contrasting HappyFlex Colours which really popped on the black background. We all put our hand cutting skills to the test and came up with some cool slogans for each flag. I think you will agree they are very effective. (A blog post on ‘how to’ to follow.)

    emma jewell craft at happy fabric hq DIY coat

    Emma had also brought along one of her jackets which she has been adding patches and badges too over the years. She wanted to add something large to the back which reflected her crafty life. She chose to do a slogan which went around in a circle saying ‘I didn’t choose the craft life, the craft life chose me.’ We designed and cut this on the silhouette cutter in Fluo Yellow HappyFlock. Emma then wanted to add a crafty motif to also reflect complete the back. We cut a pair of scissors in Fluo Orange HappyFlock (No.1 Craft essential tool.) to complete the jacket. I love how the fluorescent Flocks stand out against the khaki jacket. Looks pretty damn cool if you ask me.

    If you missed this Craft takeover, don't worry we have saved the best bits on our Instagram stories.

  • Super Simple Bunny Bag

    Super Simple Bunny Bag. Our little Bunny Bag is a great way to create something extra cute when thinking of Easter Activities with Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV). Upcycle an old bag or fabric, and use minimal vinyl to create the cutest face. It doesn’t have to just be just for Easter either, carry your cute bunny all year round.

    DIY easter bag with HTV

    Materials List:

    1. Preheat the iron to 150 degrees.
    2. Cut out some cute little eye shapes in Black HappyFlex, along with a little mouth in the shape of an anchor and some little whiskers. I have done three for each side of the nose.
    3. Begin to place the elements onto the tote bag to create the cute bunny face. Leave a small space between the whiskers for the pom pom nose.
    4. Once you are happy with the placement, cover the vinyl over with some greaseproof and press with the iron for 10-15 seconds. Then carefully remove the plastic carrier.
    5. Now you have the cutest little face, you need to add the little pom pom nose. Work from the back and do a few tack stitches into the pompom so it stays in place.
    6.  Grab the spare tote bag so it is to hand.
    7.  With the Fluo Purple HappyGlitter Cut out 2 oval shape which will act as the colour inside of each ear.
    8. Lay these shape onto the new tote bag and with a pencil draw around them to create a floppy bunny ear shape.
    9. When you are happy with the shape, remove the vinyl shape and pin straight through the tote bag so you are pinning the bag side together.
    10. Cut these out to create the ear shapes.
    11. Do a running stitch around the edge of the ears leaving an opening.
    12. Turn the ears inside out and press them so they are neat.
    13. Grab your Glitter vinyl and add the shapes to each ear. Fuse into place.
    14. Sew the ears to the front of the bag just either side of the handles.
    15. Now grab your yarn and make yourself the cutest pompom. This will add as a little tail on the back. Sew it into place from the inside.
    DIY easter bag with HTV

    There you have it, the cutest little bag you could possibly want. Ready for you to store your Easter Eggs while you’re on your hunt.

  • Easter Egg Hunt Map

    Why not join the Easter egg hunt fun, with a map full of clues to where the chocolate eggs are hidden? Let’s face it; we would all love to know.

    This week’s craft is an Easter egg hunt map with our HTV, which is an eggciting project to make at home. I had to, of course, hide some eggs and test the map out. Marnie and I had an eggcellent time hunting for them… and eating them! If you haven’t already, definitely check out our Instagram ‘Easter’ story highlights where you can see how it went.

    The colourful map is perfect for children to recognise different areas in your garden or you could even create a room setting. Crosses can be added to mark where you will hide the eggs in vinyl or you can add them in felt so they can be moved around.

    DIY easter egg hunt map

    Here are some clues on how I made my map…

    All you need is:

    • Happy flex:
      • Pastel green
      • Pastel blue
      • Light orange
      • Brown
      • Yellow
    • Happy glitter:
      • Light gold
    • Scissors
    • Felt (Green and blue)
    • Pen
    • Iron (150 degrees/ 2 dot setting)
    • Greaseproof paper
    • Glue gun or needle and thread

    First up draw all your shapes onto the back of the vinyl this could include any main features in your garden. Our example includes trees, a swing, shed, flower patch, pot, bench and vegetable patch. These were all basic shapes including circles and rectangles.

    Cut all the shapes out ready. Then get the blue felt and measure where you want it to end on the green felt for the sky. I used around 5cm of the blue and stuck this to the top of the green felt with a glue gun or it could be sewn down.

    I then added the first layers of vinyl shapes to the felt and added greaseproof paper on top. With an iron on 150 degrees, which is the 2-dot setting, I pressed the shapes for 10 seconds each. Avoid moving the iron around too much as this could move the design slightly.

    I then peeled the top plastic carrier off the top of each vinyl shape. The rest of the layers can then be added using the same process- pressing with an iron with grease-proof paper on top and then peeling the plastic off each shape.

    Lastly, I added the glitter crosses for where the eggs will be hidden. I added one line of the cross first, pressed this with an iron with greaseproof paper on top. Then peeled the plastic off and added the next line across using the same process. Eggs marks the spot!

    Now it’s time to hide the eggs and let the hunt begin!

    Check out our Instagram for more projects and our Pinterest for DIY inspiration

    DIY easter egg hunt map
  • Crazy Daisy Up-cycle

    Spring has officially sprung. The 20th of March marked the first official day of spring and we are so pleased to finally be able to ditch the dull and gloomy feeling of winter over our heads. To celebrate, I decided to start spring with an up-cycle project of an old dark coloured sweatshirt using our Heat Transfer Vinyl, and turn it into a fresh new spring-themed sweatshirt. Let’s hope that this spreads the spring feeling wherever I go.

    daisy jumper htv tutorial step hero

    Project List:-

    • HappyFlex in White size 33x50cm x2 for the large Daisies.
    • HappyFlock in Yellow size A4 for the inner parts of the daisies.
    • Sketchbook.
    • Pencil.
    • Old Sweatshirt.
    • Iron/Heat Press.
    • Scissors.
    • Greaseproof paper.

    Pre-heat your iron to 150 degrees which is the 2 dot setting on your iron. Ready for fusing.

    Draw out in your sketchbook a large daisy shape. If you feel your hand drawing skills are not too great, then print yourself a daisy shape off of the internet, or let us know and we can send you ours to print off.

    Once you are happy with your daisy design, cut it out. Now you have created your stencil for drawing around.

    daisy jumper htv tutorial step 1

    Pop your stencil to one side and grab your White HappyFlex. Begin to draw around the daisy onto the back of your vinyl. [Tip- The front of the vinyl is much shinier than the back, the back is more matt.]

    Once you have drawn out the number of daisies you think you will need, begin to cut them out. When you cut out the designs make sure you cut within the pen line. You don’t want any pen left on the vinyl as it will transfer to the jumper, so make sure you have cut this all away.

    daisy jumper htv tutorial step 2

    Now put all of your daisies to one side and get your sweatshirt. Give it a quick iron to get rid of the moisture within the fabric. This is a MUST as this will allow the vinyl to really adhere and fuse properly to the fabric.

    After pre-pressing the sweatshirt begin to lay your daisy designs wherever you want them [make sure the vinyl is shiny side up.]

    If you are happy with your placement you can now begin to fuse them into place.

    daisy jumper htv tutorial step 3

    Place the greaseproof paper over the top of the vinyl and place the iron on the top. Hold the iron in place with firm pressure for about 10-15 seconds.

    Once the vinyl has been fused into place, you can peel away the plastic carrier and repeat for the rest of the daisies.

    [Tip - I have cut some of the petals down to fit in against the seam, as I like the way it makes the fabric look like it has been printed before sewing together. I fuse the majority of the daisy down first so I know it isn’t going to move from its position and then make sure you leave the petals you want to cut down unfused. You can then cut the petal down so it will fit in against the seam, then give it one final press into place.]

    daisy jumper htv tutorial step 4

    When all the daisies are in place you can then cut some small circles which will fit nicely in the center of the daisy. We have done ours in Yellow HappyFlock to make it nice and fluffy.

    Fuse these on a slightly higher temperature and peel the plastic carrier away once the vinyl has cooled right down.

    And there you have it - an upcycled ‘Crazy Daisy’ sweatshirt, ready to be worn throughout spring.

    daisy jumper htv tutorial step hero

    Crazy Daisy Cushion…

    For the crazy daisy Cushion cover, I use the same process but I made smaller daisies. I also hand cut ‘Crazy Daisy’ out in Happy Flock in yellow. This is how I created the wording…

    On the computer, I found a nice font which I wanted my ‘Crazy Daisy’ to be in. I then made this fit the size of an A4 piece of paper which I then printed out. Once it was printed I then really carefully cut the wording out. This now acted as a stencil for me to draw around on the back of my vinyl again. [Tip- when using a stencil which is letters make sure you reverse it when drawing around it, as you will be drawing on the back of the vinyl which will be flipped over to be fused.] I then once again cut it out and fused it on, the same way I did the daisies.

    Hey presto! A new cushion cover and an upcycled jumper! We like to match our surroundings!

    daisy cushion htv tutorial step hero
  • Paige Joanna Takeover

    Last week we had our first ever Instagram craft takeover!

    Could you ever imagine having your friend join you for a day at work? Imagine how much fun would that be? Well on Thursday we had the pleasure of having the beautiful human that is Paige Joanna, join us for a fun-filled vinyl crafting day in The Happy Fabric HQ.

    Paige Joanna takeover

    As Paige is a Bride-to-be we wanted to make the day almost like a mini hen do for her because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a hen do?

    We supplied lots of blank projects so Paige could have a good selection of different outcomes to choose from. She loved our rainbow trainers and wanted to create her own. So after teaching her the basics on the silhouette cutter, a rainbow pair of ‘Wifey for Lifey’ trainers were created.

    Paige also wanted to create a little gift ready for her mum for mothers day. After coming up with loads of ‘mum puns’ she settled on ‘ Mum, you’re one in a Melon.’ on a make-up bag surrounded by the ever so trendy watermelon slice. A super cute little pressie. We hope your mum loves it as much as we did!!

    If you want to catch up on our fun filled day and how Paige created these lovely projects, have a look over on our Instagram highlight reel and check out Paige's video below. We had so much fun and loved having Paige with us for the day. We hope to get another date in the diary for more fun soon!!!

    Products used:

    Who would you like to see join us next? Let us know on Instagram, Facebook or by email.

  • Rainbow Feet

    What better way to walk then with rainbows on your feet? This is a project I have wanted to do for ages and ages and I am so pleased with the final look of them!! But now - NO SHOES ARE SAFE from iron-on vinyl.

    I wonder how long it will be till every pair of my trainers has been attacked with some kind of Happy Fabric Heat Transfer Vinyl?

    htv on hi-tops DIY hero 2

    This is quite a tricky project so you may need to make sure you are super prepared before starting out. Make sure you have everything you need to hand and then you should be fine.

    What you will need…

    • Tea Towel
    • Iron
    • Scissors
    • Card
    • Pencil
    • Greaseproof Paper.
    • High Top Trainers

    Heat Transfer Vinyl HappyGlitter:-

    htv on hi-tops DIY set

    Step 1

    Pre-heat your iron to 150 degrees.

    Step 2

    With the corner of your card, begin to draw your rainbow shape to fit into the space on the side of your trainer. When you are happy with the shape, draw in the lines to represent the different colours of vinyl.

    htv on hi-tops DIY set step 1 htv on hi-tops DIY set step 2

    Step 3

    Once you are happy with the proportions of the different stripes you can cut them out and use them as a stencil for cutting out your vinyl’s.

    htv on hi-tops DIY set step 3

    Step 4

    Trace around the template on the back of the vinyl colour, and make sure you draw it out twice, one to be flipped over. This is for the other shoe. The cut them out ready for placing onto the shoe.

    htv on hi-tops DIY set step 4 htv on hi-tops DIY set step 4b

    Step 5

    Stuff your trainer with a tea towel so the surface area that you are about to vinyl is a good solid surface to apply the vinyl’s too. Give the area a pre-press with the iron.

    Step 6

    Layout your vinyl’s on the trainer just to check you are happy with the placement of them all before starting to press them into place.

    htv on hi-tops DIY set step 6

    Step 7

    Once you are happy with the placement, take the smallest part of the rainbow and carefully cover with the greaseproof paper. This is the tricky bit. You may need to hold the grease proof paper with your thumb from the hand which goes inside the trainer. Use your fingers inside the trainer with layers of the tea towel between to help protect against the heat. Push against the pressure of the iron to help fuse the HTV into place.

    htv on hi-tops DIY set step 7 htv on hi-tops DIY set step 7b

    Step 8

    Continue this step with all your different colours of the rainbow.

    htv on hi-tops DIY set step 8

    Step 9

    Remove the tea towel and slip the rainbow’ed beauties onto your feet. They are like your very own ruby slippers except they are rainbow adored trainers. Hehehe!

    Instead of walkin’ on sunshine, you will be walkin’ on a rainbow.

    Try with HappyGlitter or any of our other iron-on vinyl's. Check out our Instagram story highlights to see the whole project unfold.

    htv on hi-tops DIY hero 3



    DIY cushion step tutorial


    Hi everyone, it’s Hayley with a new project to add a bit of sparkle to your home! Perfect for valentines but also for all year round to add a little bit of love to your home. These can be added in any of our heat transfer vinyl colours so you can create a neutral colour cushion or a bright colour pop!

    What you will need:

    Step 1:

    Firstly I created an arrow template, which I used to draw around to get the same arrow shape. I drew 15 arrows on the back of the black flex vinyl and 15 on the back of the silver glitter vinyl.

    Tip: Make sure you cut all the pen marks off to avoid the pen transferring to the fabric.

    Step 2:

    I then pressed the cushion with an iron to create a smooth surface and to take the moisture out of the fabric. Now the first black arrow can be placed onto the cushion where you would like it.

    Tip: I started from the corner first and worked my way across.

    Step 3:

    Put greaseproof paper on top and press with the iron for 10 seconds - try to avoid moving the iron up and down. The plastic carrier topping can then be peeled away while warm.

    Tip: Carefully pull away the plastic carrier.

    Step 4:

    Add the glitter vinyl arrow on top of the black arrow in a staggered position. Then add greaseproof paper and press this again with an iron for 10 seconds. Then peel off the plastic carrier while hot.

    Step 5:

    Press all the other black arrows in place and then the glitter arrows.

    Yay your cushion is finished! Add this to a stack of comfy cushions for a LOVE-ly touch to your home.

    DIY cushion step tutorial

    - HappyFlex black vinyl - HappyGlitter silver vinyl

  • 2019 We are ready for ya!


    I can’t believe it is the new year already! I don’t feel like I was 100% ready for 2018 to be over as it was such a great year for us!!

    As it is the first full week of the new year I thought I would do a quick little round up of the great year we had and let you in on some little plans we have for the new year!! You heard them here first!

    So in May 2018 I started at Happy Fabric and began to build new friendships within the craft industry. I also started producing new content for all our social channels especially within the world of Instagram.

    Marnie Happy Fabric

    I made amazing new friends like Jane from Tea and Crafting which is when we started small workshops with craft bloggers like Zeena @heartzeena and Christine @sewyeah. We had lots of fun meeting all the lovely crafters in real life.

    Happy Fabric Blogger event

    I went back to my old University to introduce the fresh new students and my old lecturers on the fashion and textiles degree to Happy Fabric. I taught small groups of the first and second years how to use the vinyl and we have absolutely loved seeing all the amazing unique ideas coming through. It has been very Inspiring. We hope to return this year to continue our relationship with the local students/ future crafters.

    I gained a helper for Happy Fabric - Beth. Some of you may have met Beth at the handmade fair or seen her on our Instagram stories. One day a week Beth comes in to help out with design work, brainstorming ideas and generally gives me a fresh outlook every week. Where would I be without her?

    Kirsty Allsop Happy Fabric

    We were then lucky enough to meet quite a few of our lovely followers at our first big craft event in September at the Handmade Fair Hampton Court. We were so touched with how supportive our lovely followers were, especially the sweets which were provided to help us with the energy we needed. We also made lots of new lovely friends who inspire us daily by the creative makes they post on social media.  We even got a picture with Kirstie Allsopp herself.

    Happy Fabric Handmade Fair

    We launched the Happy Fabric Gift Boxes which so far have been very successful. We hope to add different themes throughout the year so keep your eyes peeled out for those. Valentine’s day will be next.

    Craft HTV box

    We completed the first ever Commercial Mollie Makes take over on their Instagram account, which was so much fun and opened us up to other whole new creative audience. We also created our FIRST EVER step by step tutorial for Mollie Makes Magazine which was called ‘Twinkle Toes’ and can be found in issue 101. Did you see it? More importantly - did you try it?

    Mollie Makes Happy Fabric

    I saved my most favourite project for the very end of the year, can you guess what it was? If you guessed the polka dot coat, you would be right!! The simple polka dot flock coat was my absolute favourite project. So simple  effective. We had a fantastic response from all of your guys too, so I hope to do more like this in the future!!

    Marnie Goodman Polka Dot Coat

    Talking of the future- 2019 sees some really exciting projects on the horizon.

    First up we will be returning to Colchester School of Art and Design and will be working with the fresh student blood.

    At the End of February/Beginning of March, we will be attending the Knitting and Stitching show at Olympia in London. We are so so excited about this. We are busy producing new examples of work for you to all see and also some exciting packs exclusive for the show. So make sure you get your ticket! You DO NOT want to miss it!

    We hope to expand the happy fabric team this year too, so keep your eyes open for any vacancies that may come up.

    We will be attending the Handmade fair at Hampton Court again in September. So we look forward to seeing some old and new faces.

    And obviously, we will have lots of fun exciting project to help inspire you along the way. I'm already dreaming up some summer projects.

    So Thank you for Crafting with us and we can't wait to have you with us for the exciting year ahead!

    2019 We are ready for ya!

    Marnie x

  • THAT Polka Dot Coat.

    So do you remember in the summer when everyone went Polka Dot mad? Well, I may still be slightly obsessed. It doesn't help that there is this Polka Dot Coat that KEEPS appearing on my pinterest feed, https://the-atlantic-pacific.com/2018/01/23/spotted-williamsburg-polka-dot-coat/ and it’s all I can think about. When searching for where I could actually buy it, I was so disappointed to find that it is from the American ASOS, and was pretty pricey. So it's time to take matters into my own hands. I NEED THAT COAT!!

    After really evaluating the design of the coat I decided that this would be so unbelievably easy to recreate with a cheaper version of a plain grey coat, some black flock heat transfer vinyl and a large circle paper punch…

    What you will need…

    1. 4 A4 Sheets of Black HappyFlock
    2. 1 Circle Paper Punch
    3. Un-Textured Coat Old or New. Mine was £34.99 from New Look. (link here)
    4. Iron.
    5. Scissors.
    6. Greaseproof Paper.
    DIY Polka Dot Coat hero

    Just follow these steps

    • Preheat your iron to 165 degrees as you will be using flock, this is slightly higher than the 2 dots setting on your domestic iron.
    • Grab the first sheet of HappyFlock and peel away the plastic carrier sheet from the top layer.
    DIY polka dot coat - flock
    • You can now begin to use your paper punch to create your polka dots. Do as many as you can out of your first A4 sheet. You can always make more as you go.
    • Layout your coat flat, on a flat hard surface which is easy to work onto. I have worked on the floor so I can stand back and look at the placement of the dots form higher up.
    • Give the coat a quick pre-press to remove the moisture from the coat.
    • Now you can begin to lay the polka dots onto the coat. I have slightly over lapped some of dots to create a random look.
    DIY polka dot coat - flock placement
    • I have also cut some dots in half and laid them alongside a seam. This makes it look as if the dot was already part of the fabric.
    • When you are happy with the arrangement of the polka dots on the front panels you can begin to use the iron to press them into place.
    DIY polka dot coat - flock iron on
    • Begin to work your way round the coat and press each area as you go. It takes a bit of time, but trust me - its soooooo worth it!!
    • Once you have pressed everything into place, just go back over the coat and check every dot is ironed down securely. This will save you having to come back to iron any later on.
    • HEY PRESTO - Welcome to the Polka Dot Coat Club. Only the coolest of the cool humans get to join! Hehehe!!
    Marnie Goodman Polka Dot Coat

    I hope you enjoyed creating the Polka Dot Coat, don’t forget the polka dots don’t have to be added just to a grey coat. It also doesn't have to be black HappyFlock. It could be Fluo Pink HappyGlitter on a pair of Purple Trousers. The possibilities are endless.

    We can’t wait to see what you create!!


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