...Make Lemonade

We have another fruity craft project and this time it’s all about the lemons because on a nice summers day, what’s more refreshing? Lemon themed slogans like ‘Main squeeze’ I absolutely love at the moment. I wanted to create my own take on this with a simple lemon top. I found this pink top, which I love and I knew the yellow and green vinyl would contrast really well.

Here’s a mood board of lemon themed ideas which inspired my ideas.

This could be recreated by hand cutting our vinyl or using a cutting machine. I’ve written the steps so you can give it a go at home.

You will need:

-HappyFlex: Yellow and Green


-Iron (2 dot setting) or Heat Press (150 degrees)



-Greaseproof paper

Step 1:

Design your lemon drawing on the cutting machine programme such as silhouette studio along with the text you want.

Step 2:

Cut the lemon with ‘Make’ written inside in yellow HappyFlex.

Step 3:

Weed your design revealing the lemon and then weed out the letters.

Step 4:

Type out ‘Lemonade’ and add your leaf designs to your artboard cutting programme and cut these out in green HappyFlex.

Step 5:

Pre-press your t-shirt to get rid of the creases and moisture in the fabric.

Step 6:

Add your yellow flex to the t-shirt and add greaseproof paper on top. Press this for 10 seconds with your iron or heat press.

Step 7:

Peel away the top layer of plastic and then repeat step 6 with your green flex pieces.

Now you’re ready to Make Lemonade! This t-shirt would be great to tuck into some denim shorts or jeans for a summer outfit!

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