How To: Quick and Easy Dalmatian Costume.

HTV Quick and Easy Dalmatian Costume.

It comes to that time of year when I ask myself the dreaded question of which Halloween costume am I going to make this year? Well fear not. I have created a super quick and easy costume that ANYONE can create. With a plain white tee and a few sheets on vinyl you can become your favorite character. This year I have created matching dalmatian tees for me and my daughter. She loves 100 and 1 dalmatians so I thought this would be perfect and I can join in too. Dressing up isn’t just for the kids.

What you will need…

White T Shirt

Iron/Heat Press

HappyFlock -Black

HappyFlex- Red/Light Blue

HappyGlitter – Gold




  1. Pre heat your iron/heat press to 165 degrees.
  2. Give your tee a pre press to remove any moisture within the fabric. This will allow your vinyl to adhere to the fabric.
  3. Take your HappyFlock and begin to cut out un-perfect spots. All different shapes and sizes will be perfect as this will make your dalmatian pattern more realistic. Big ones and small ones are all good.
  4. Lay your tee out flat and begin to place your spots where you would like them. Be sure not to overlap any at this point.
  5. Once you are happy with your layout, cover the spots over with greaseproof paper and apply firm pressure to your iron/heat press for about 15seconds. Be sure not to move your iron around while applying the pressure.
  6. Once all the spots are fused into place allow the vinyl to cool, before peeling away the plastic carrier on top of the vinyl.
  7. Once all plastic carriers have been removed you can now start to add any other spots that you would like to overlap. Repeat the fusing process again.

Now it’s time to create the collar. I have used HappyFlex Light Blue and Red, along with HappyGlitter Gold for the Licence.

  1. Lower the heat of your iron/press to 150degrees.
  2. Add a piece of paper to the neckline, and then with your pencil feel the ridge of the neckline and trace it onto the paper.
  3. Then Cut that line out and check it sits nicely around the neck of the tee. Trim away any over lap if necessary. Draw another line about 2 cm away from the original to create arch, then cut this out. This will create the template for collar.
  4. Grab your HappyFlex and draw around your template onto the back of the vinyl (shiny side facing down) and cut out.
  5. Once it is cut out, lay into place on the tee and fuse like before but only for 10seconds this time. HappyFlex does not need as long a time to fuse.
  6. Once you have fused the collar into place remove the plastic carrier.
  7. Now to make the HappyGlitter Gold Licence. Hand cut a diamond shape in Gold HappyGlitter vinyl and lay in place.
  8. Lay the diamond at the bottom of the collar and add a small sliver to the top point of the diamond this will make the licence look as if it is hanging. Once you are happy with the placement fuse into place.
  9. Remove plastic carriers one last time to reveal the glitteriest HappyGlitter Licence.
  10. WOOF WOOF WOOF – You are now a dalmatian. Why not continue the dalmatian print onto a pair of white trousers to complete the look!

I hope you love the quick and easy step by step guide to our Dalmatian costume.

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