How to personalise a drawstring bag

How to personalise a drawstring bag…

Have you got an old bag that needs a new lease of life for the summer? Or have you got a little one ready to start school who needs a personalised bag (mainly so they don't lose it)? Follow our simple step to creating your very own personalised bag..

  1. Make sure you have all of your equipment to hand. There is nothing worst getting halfway through a project and realizing you have forgotten the essential materials or tools.

Crafting Ingredients…

2. Take your A4 design and simply cut it out carefully.

3. Once your design has been cut out, Flip it over and place it onto the back of your heat transfer vinyl,(matt side). You need to flip your design over to ensure that it will be the right way round when you turn it back over to press.4. Draw around your design on the back of the vinyl with a sharp pencil. If you can't see the pencil you can use a pen, just make sure when you cut your design you get rid of all the ink as you don’t want this to show at the edge of your vinyl’s when pressed.

5. Cut out your design.

6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to create your letters using a letter stencil. Why not try and create your own letters free hand.

7. Once all elements of the design have been cut out, lay out your drawstring bag and work out where you want the placement of your design to be. I find it easier to cut out all your elements first then work out the placement, as it gives you a chance to change any elements you don’t like.

8. When you are happy with your design and layout, remove the vinyl from the bag and place them to one side.

9. Lay the bag on a firm surface and give it a press with your iron, or if you have a heat press pop it under and give it a press. This is called a ‘pre-press’. It is very important to always give your surface a pre-press before to start to iron on your vinyl. This will get rid of any moisture in the surface area and allows the heat transfer vinyl to adhere to the surface securely.

10. Once you have pressed you surface area, begin to add your design onto the bag one layer at a time.11. If you are happy with the placement, cover your design with some greaseproof paper. This will protect your vinyl from the full heat of the iron.

12. Use our DIY sheet to look at timing and heat instructions for this part, as all of our vinyls differ slightly when it comes to fusing. Some types of vinyl need a higher heat and longer pressing time.

13. Once you have secured the vinyl, remove the plastic carrier carefully. If you are finding it hard to pick the carried with your nails, pick up the bag and bend the fabric at the edge of the vinyl. You should see the carrier start to come away from the vinyl. If it doesn’t do this you may need to give it another press.14. Now all carriers have been removed you can add your next layer of vinyl’s.

15. You can use your paper punch to create smaller details that can add an extra flourish to your bag. If you are using a paper punch to create smaller shapes, on Happy Glitter, Happy Flock or Happy Fashion remove the plastic carried before you cut them. The plastic carried makes it harder to cut the shape perfectly. By removing the carrier your paper punch will have a longer happier life.

16. Once all the little details have been added on, your bag is finished!! You are now ready to go out on the town with your new bag!! Enjoy!

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