How to: Personalise a giant stocking with HTV

We are going all out for Christmas this year and what better way to do it than with a giant personalised Christmas stocking! One of our favourite things about Christmas is crafting up decorations to make us feel all jolly and festive! It brings happiness to a home!

When we saw this giant stocking online at HobbyCraft, we just had to decorate it with fabulously coloured Heat Transfer Vinyl.

Here is what we created...

Sparkly Christmas writing, festive bright colours and a design that was very fun to create! Let us show you the steps we took to create it...You could create your very own in different colours, effects, with a personalised name or funny slogan!

You will need:

  1. Create your first layer design on your vinyl cutting machine programme. We are using Silhouette Studio for our Silhouette Cameo 4 machine.

2. Place the vinyl shiny side down onto the cutting mat and feed this into the machine. Make sure you select the correct settings for your chosen vinyl. We created this wreath using Lime HappyFlock HTV.

3. Weed out your design to reveal the cut shapes like the photo above.

You can also cut out other shapes and words you would like to add too.

We cut each part of the design separately in different HTV colours and effects. We cannot wait to show you what it all looks like pressed onto the stocking!

Remember to mirror your design before cutting HTV. This is because you will always need to cut into the back of the vinyl.

Let's get pressing...

4. Pre-press your fabric before adding the vinyl. This will eliminate the creases and moisture, creating the perfect surface to add the vinyl to. Add your wreath shiny side up onto the stocking and place greaseproof paper on top.

5. Press HappyFlock for 15 seconds at 165 degrees. We are using our Happypress 4 Auto-open. If you are using an iron press with even pressure across the design making sure every part of the vinyl has received 15 seconds of heat.

6. Once the HappyFlock is cool to touch, peel away the carrier to reveal the amazing velvet -like finish.

7. Continue the pressing and peeling process one layer at a time. Make sure you are using the correct settings for each vinyl type. This can be found on our DIY instruction sheet.

Here is our giant stocking! It's so big that it fills the office wall with a statement to Christmas. We adore this colour combination for a bit of a brighter feel giving us a jolly, jingly Christmas.

Imagine this hung on the lounge matelpiece or at the end of the bed. You also could add an initial in the middle of the wreath and match the colours with your Christmas theme!

Don't forget to tag us in your Christmas HTV creations as we love to see them and you never know we may feature you in our next blog post!

Check out our range of colours and effects on our website.

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