How to: Make a rosette using felt and HappyFabric vinyl

As you know Father's Day is around the corner which means a special craft can be made for a Father or Grandad. We have created this adorable 'Best Grandad' rosette for him to wear proudly all year round!

We thought this rosette would be great to pin to white card to make into a special card and present in one. He can then detach the pin badge and keep this to look back at.

You will need:

-HappyFlex Gold

-Optional: HappyGlitter Vintage gold for the stars and a hole punch


-Drinking glass to draw around

-Pen, ruler, scissors, glue (or glue gun)

-Greaseproof paper


-Cutting machine or a stencil to draw your lettering

Step 1: Use your glass to draw 2 circles onto the felt.

Step 2: Cut around your shapes using scissors.

Step 3: Use a ruler to draw your ribbon shapes and cut these out.

Step 3: Glue your ribbon pieces to the back of one circle. Then glue your second circle on top of this.

Step 4: Measure your circle to decide on how wide you would like your lettering.

Step 5: Type your lettering out and flip it horizontally.

If you are hand cutting the vinyl use a stencil to draw around onto the back (non shiny side of the vinyl). Be sure to flip the letters so they are backwards when drawing them out.

Step 6: Cut your words out using a cutting machine (lay vinyl shiny side down onto the mat).

If you are hand cutting make sure all the pen marks have been cut away. This will avoid any marks transferring to the felt.

Step 7: If you have used a machine to cut your design, weed out the access vinyl to reveal the lettering. We decided we quite liked the reverse block style instead of the individual letters.

Pre-heat the iron on the 2 dot setting.

Step 8: Place your design shiny side up onto the felt and add greaseproof paper on top. Press for 10 seconds across the whole design.

As we used the block part of the vinyl we didn't need to peel away the plastic carrier (as this was the access).

If you have hand cut your lettering or used the cut vinyl with the plastic carrier, peel this away once the vinyl is cool to touch.

Optional: You could add some scallop shapes to the outer edge of the circle to create a rosette look. We glued these on with a glue gun. We then added extra HappyGlitter stars by taking the plastic layer off of the vinyl and hole punching the shapes. We then used the same pressing process.

Tag Dah! The rosette is finished and ready to add as a present decoration or to attach to a card. You could add a safety pin to the back so he can wear it with pride!

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We also have an FAQ page which may help you with choosing vinyl effects, machines and equipment.

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