How To: HTV Festive Placemats

Christmas Tree Cork Placemats

Holidays are coming! Holidays are coming! I bet you sang that didn't you? It officially December and due to '2020' Christmas has started much early, and we say, "why the hell not?" We all need a little extra joy in our lives. So that being said we have started to think about our Christmas Table set up and what we can create to make it look beautiful. And we think Placemats are defiantly a great 'place' to start! hehehe.

To create the same look as what we have created you will need the following things...

First things first is always pre heat your heating tool. Whether that is a HappyPress2.1 HappyPress4 or even just your normal domestic iron - whack that heat on. We always set our HappyPresses to 150 degrees but if you are using an iron please use the 2 dot setting on the dial.

Now its time to get creative. Grab your pen and start to draw out your Christmas tree shapes. We have gone for simple triangle shapes. Pick 4-5 different tree shapes and cut them out. These will act as a template to draw around.

Now grab your chosen colour of vinyl. We are going to use one colour of vinyl for the majority of the trees, so decide which colour you would like to use the most of (HappyGlitter - Holo White) . Draw around 10 per tree design. You should end up with enough trees to create 5 lines. Carefully cut these out.

Repeat this step in your accent colour but only cut 1 of each tree design. (HappyFlex - Fluo Pink)

Lay all of your trees onto the cork mat and make sure you are happy with the placement. Once you are happy, begin to swap a couple of trees out and replace with your accent colour trees.

Once you are completely happy. Pop your placemat onto the HappyPress and lay your release paper over the placemat.

Fuse the placemat for 10seconds and then peel away the plastic cover on the vinyl. This will reveal the Glittery Beautifulness of HappyGlitter.

When you have removed all the plastic carriers, Grab the HappyFashion and your Star shapes paperpunch. Punch out a few stars, and place them onto a couple of the trees. Then give the cork placemat one final hit with the HappyPress and peel away the star plastic carrier for the last time.

Ta Dahhhhhh!!!

Now it time for Christmas DINNNNNEEERRRRR!!!!

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