How to: HTV Festive napkins

This year it's time to ditch the throw-away napkins and replace them with reusable ones, decorated with love. With a beautiful iridescent and sparkly finish, they will bring festive joy all year round. You may even want to choose other colours to match your room setting too. Follow our easy step by step tutorial on how to make reusable personalised napkins from sewing to decorating with HTV.

Materials list:

Happy Fabric iron-on vinyl:

-HappyFashion: Rainbow

- HappyGlitter: Light gold

-Pastel pink cotton fabric – Available at: The Cheap shop Tiptree (Spectrum P01)

- Scissors

- Overlocker/ sewing machine


-Gutermann thread (926)

-Greaseproof paper

- Iron (2 dot setting) or heat press (150 degrees)

-Tape measure


Measure and cut four 26x26 cm squares of fabric. Use an over-locker or sewing machine to add a finished edge in coral thread.


Cut out each letter from the template including the shadowing and use these to draw onto the back of the vinyl (non shiny side). Remember to flip your template over when drawing around each letter and to cut off all pen marks. We have used rainbow vinyl for the lettering and glitter for the shadowing.


Pre-press your fabric to eliminate all creases and moisture within the fabric.

Place your rainbow lettering onto the fabric square and add greaseproof paper on top. Press each letter with an iron for 10 seconds. Once cooled a little, peel the carrier off of the vinyl.


Repeat the pressing process by adding your glitter shadowing. This can be slightly layered onto the rainbow vinyl. Don’t forget to peel off the carrier after pressing.


Cut a long strip of rainbow vinyl and cut small sprinkles to add around your napkin.


Repeat the pressing process for your iridescent sprinkles and peel off the carriers once cooled.

We hope you feel inspired to create your own and have some crafty fun. We would love to see your version, don't forget to tag us in your photos on Instagram or Facebook!

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