How To:- HappyVinyl Ikea Hack.

HappyVinyl is in the House!!! Have you seen it yet? It's our new favourite material!! It's so easy to use and can be either hand cut, or cut on your Silhouette, cricut or Brother scan and cut Machine, Applied with an application tape. NO hard plain surface is safe. Everything will be getting a wave of the HappyVinyl wand. Starting with Marnie's Metal Ikea Cabinet.

Here is what you will need to re-create the Terrazzo Print...

  1. HappyVinyl in Athracite, beige, clay brown, mint, pink,sky blue and sunsine yellow.
  2. Scissors
  3. Ikea PS Cabinet

Simply begin by cutting out lot of different geometric shapes out of all the different colours that you have chosen for your palette. Make all the geometric shapes vary in size. Some tiny, some large. This will help create the Terrazzo stlye print.

Give your cabinet or surface a good clean and make sure it is dry before applying your HappyVinyl.

Then simply peel away the Colourful Vinyl away from the paper grid on the back. Then stick it straight onto your clean surface.

Keep adding more and more geometric shapes till you are happy with your design.

Once you are happy with your cabinet, style it up with a nice houseplant in a funky plant pot. Hey, maybe add the HappyVinyls to the pot too!? It's so addictive and the posibilities are endless.

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