How to: Hand cut a flamingo design

Did someone say pink, glittery flamingos?

If you love pink glitter this is definitely the project for you or someone you know. Once you've pressed it onto your project you can admire the glistening colours in the light.

We have put together the steps for hand cutting a flamingo, which you could add to a t-shirt, cushion or notebook.

Here is what you will need:

Flamingo paper template (image available at the bottom of the blog)

HappyGlitter Pink

HappyFlex Grey & Pastel Pink


Iron/ heatpress

Project of choice, we have chosen a notebook (From Ikea)

  1. Cut your flamingo template out. Here are the different sections you will need for each colour.

2. Draw around your template onto the back (non-shiny side) of the vinyl. We have used a biro pen ad reversed our flamingo template so when it is flipped the correct way it is the direction desired.

3. Cut around your shapes making sure all the pen marks have been cut away.

If you leave the pen marks on the back of the vinyl this may transfer to your project when ironing it on.

Here are all the shapes together ready to be pressed onto the notebook.

4. Add the legs shiny side up onto the notebook and place greaseproof paper on top.

Press for 10 seconds at 150 degrees. We are using our HappyPress 3.

If you are using an iron press for 10 seconds across the design making sure all the edges have had the heat. The temperature setting needed for the iron is the 2 dot setting.

5. Once the HappyFlex is cool to touch peel away the plastic carrier.

6. Repeat the pressing and peeling steps with each section.

We then decided we wanted to add some lettering to the book. We thought 'Fab like a' and the glittery flamingo image would add a really fu element, especially for a gift.

7. We drew straight onto the plastic carrier using a marker pen and then cut these out carefully. The hand lettering adds a little personal touch which would be totally unique.

We love how simple this project was to create and of course the gorgeous glitter that pops against the light pink!

Another fab thing about HappyGlitter is that then you touch it, you don't get glittery hands as it is all compact in the vinyl.

What will you add HappyGlitter to next?

Check out our full range of colours here.

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