How to: Halloween HTV t-shirt

We love a halloween pun in the HappyFabric office and we are just creepin' it real with this project. If you want a way to join in with the Halloween festivities this year, what better way to dress up than with a slogan tee!

Whether you are having a small party, a zoom call or playing games it will add a little extra fun to October 2020. Let's get straight into it and show you how we created our spook-tacular t-shirt.

For this project you will need:

  1. Measure how wide you would like your design to be.

2. Create your artwork using your cutting machine software. We are using Silhouette Studio with our Silhouette Cameo 4 machine.

Make sure you reverse your lettering ready to cut.

3. Change the settings to suit the vinyl type. For Silhouette Studio we chose 'Heat transfer Flock' for HappyFlock vinyl. Add the vinyl to the mat shiny side down and insert into the machine. Send your design to cut and watch the machine go!

4. Weed your design to reveal the lettering.

If you are hand cutting your design you could draw around a stencil or template and cut the vinyl with scissors.

5. Always pre-press your fabric before to eliminate creases and moisture. Then add the vinyl shiny side up and add grease-proof paper. Press with an iron or HappyPress for 15 seconds (165c). Make sure each letter has an even amount of heat and time being pressed.

6. Once HappyFlock is cool to touch, peel away the carrier.

It's complete! Just leave for 2 days before washing and you can wear this year after year. It's a simple way to dress up without having to go all out with a costume.

Why not all create a fun t-shirt in your household?

Who can make the spookiest t-shirt?

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