How to create a hair clip using HappyFabric vinyl

We've been dreaming of sparkly, terrazzo style hair clips over the past month or so and have decided to make it happen. We found some scrap felt and decided to go for it with some amazing vinyl colours.

These are the perfect colours for the nude, pastel trend including a bit of glitter and shine.

For this hair clip design, you will need:

-HappyFlex Pink, Rose gold

-HappyGlitter Vintage gold, White




-Greaseproof paper

-Hair clip

-Glue/ glue gun

Step 1: Cut random small shapes in each vinyl colour apart from the Rose Gold. You can't go wrong as each shape can be a completely different shape.

Cut the Rose gold into the size and shape you would like your hair clip to be. We cut ours into a rectangular shape.

Step 2: Add your Rose gold strip shiny side up and press with greaseproof paper on top for 10 seconds across the strip. Make sure the iron is on the 2 dot temperature setting with no steam.

Step 3: Next add the HappyFlex pink shapes shiny side up in a random, scattered pattern.

Step 4: Peel the plastic carriers off of each shape once cool to touch.

Step 5: Add the next layer of shapes and press using the same process.

Step 6: Peel the plastic carriers off and then repeat the pressing and peeling steps with the next layer.

Step 7: Cut around the shape to neaten up all the edges.

Step 8: Glue your clip to the felt making sure the open end can be parted when trying on the clip.

Once the glue is dry, you can try it on! There are so many ways you can wear them. What's great is you can create them in the exact colour combination and style that suits you!

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