How to: Christmas letter holder using HappyFabric vinyl

Let's Deck the halls with a festive feature for your home adding a handy storage area for Father Christmas' letters. Not only can you keep them safely tucked away but it can also take pride of place in the living room or hall way.

Did you know you can add our vinyls to crafting wood such as this plain plywood letter box?

This little letter box has a great flat surface to add some vinyls to the front. Whether it's for Christmas decor, a house warming gift or to keep your office organised, the options for personalisation are endless!

With this tutorial you will be well away adding vinyls to your crafting wood whether it's using a cutting machine, hole punch or scissors to cut the vinyl. You could also choose from our wide range of colours and effects to match your home colour scheme!

We have chosen some gorgeous HappyGlitter vinyls to include some glimmer and shine for the festive season.

  • Weeding tool (optional)
  • Star hole punches (optional, ours are from HobbyCraft)

Let's get started...

  1. Measure the area you want your design to be pressed. Make sure this a flat surface where an iron can fit.

2. Type out your lettering on your cutting machine programme in your chosen size. Flip this horizontally as you will be cutting into the back of the vinyl. Make sure you change the settings to suit your vinyl choice. For example we have chosen 'Heat transfer glitter' in our Silhouette Studio programme.

3. Place your vinyl shiny side down onto the mat and load this into your cutting machine. Send your design to cut.

4. Once your vinyl is cut you can roughly cut around your design saving the left over vinyl for a different project. Using a weeding tool peel away the background revealing the lettering. Then make sure you weed out any details within the lettering like the loops in letters.

5. Add your vinyl design to the letter box shiny side facing you. Place greaseproof paper on top and press with an iron (2 dot setting) for 10-15 seconds in sections making sure each letter gets even heat.

6. Carefully peel away the plastic carrier while warm, making sure the letters have attached. If a few letters haven't quite stuck, this means it needs a little more heat. Simply add the greaseproof paper on top and press again for a few more seconds.

7. To add a little pop of colour we peeled away the carrier off of the vinyl and used 2 different sized star hole punches. This created the perfect stars to add either side of the writing.

8. Press each star for 10 seconds (2 dot setting).

It's finished!! Now you can bring joyful character to a room along with some dazzling decorations. It really does get you into the spirit and excitement to come!

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