How to: Add your logo to fabric using HTV

Have you always wanted to add your logo to fabric but have never been sure how?

Well we are here to show you these SUPER easy steps to adding a professional logo look to t-shirts, aprons and more! Follow our step by step guide below to creating DIY designs for your business.

You will need:

We will be using a Silhouette Cameo 4 machine for this project which uses the software Silhouette Studio on a computer or tablet.

  1. Open Silhouette Studio and import your logo. Make sure your logo is a dark block colour, preferably Black and White. This is so that it can be outlined to the best quality.

2. Click on the trace button on the right panel (5th symbol down). Click and drag over your logo so it is highlighted like below.

3. Click 'Trace' on the right hand side panel and watch the highlighted logo disappear. Click and drag your main logo off of the cutting mat artwork area.

4. You will now have an outlined design of your logo ready to cut. When cutting into HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) you will need to flip or mirror your design.

5. Resize your design according to the item you are adding it to. We wanted to create an A4 size logo to add to the felt.

6. Next, change the settings to suit the vinyl effect. We have chosen Heat Transfer Glitter for HappyGlitter. Use our DIY sheet to see which vinyl settings are needed for each vinyl type.

7. Always place HTV shiny side down onto the mat. Place inline with your cutting machine and press the arrow up to load into the cutter. Send your design as it is and watch it create your design.

8. Use a HappyWeeder tool to take away the excess vinyl. It is best to do this in a well lit area and you can bend the vinyl slightly to see the cut marks. We weeded each letter away as well as the zig zag edge.

9. Pre-press your fabric to eliminate all creases and moisture within the fabric.

10. We added White HappyFlex shiny side up first. This is so that later when we add the HappyGlitter logo the white will show through the lettering. Add HappyRelease or greaseproof paper on top and press for 10 seconds at 150 degrees.

11. Once HappyFlex is has cooled slightly, peel the clear carrier away to reveal it's smooth texture.

12. Next, We added the HappyGlitter logo shiny side up and repeated the pressing and peeling steps.

Here is the logo finished and it has created an amazing sparkly finish perfect for our display. Whether you are adding your logo to a fabric banner or an item of clothing it is the perfect way to create a professional look.

Why not add your logo to items you can't apply heat to? Simply use our NEW HappyVinyl which is self-adhesive (no heat needed). This is great for water bottles, coasters, windows and more! The possibilities are endless.

For our cut and wash settings check out our DIY sheet online.

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