How to Hole Punch HTV

Hi guys!

Ever wondered how to get the perfect polka dot or patterned finish with HappyFabric vinyl: HappyGlitter or HappyFlock?

With nothing but a hole punch, sheet of HappyFabric vinyl, greaseproof paper and an iron, you could make any textile item fun and unique. For example, these beautiful polka dot jeans:


Always peel away the plastic carrier sheet from the vinyl, as shown in the photos below. This ensures that the punch will be able to cut through and it will not blunt your hole punch.

Here are some of our favourite hole-punched creations:

Star trainers, created by Marnie here at HappyFabric- watch her tutorial here!
We used a smaller circle punch to create the little Children in Need inspired polka dots for the gingerbread man's bow tie!
Here, we've actually used HappyFashion Spectrum to create a lovely starry make up bag.
The famous Christmas jumper that's so easy to make- full tutorial here
The cute button nose and stars on this mask were hole punched from HappyGlitter Multi to add some sparkle to a Halloween costume.
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