Hayley’s Christmas jumper upcycle! #thecraftyupcycle

Hayley’s jumper already had a beautiful sequined neckline, which reminded her of a magical starry sky. Using this idea, she sketched out a skyline of houses with Santa Claus in his sleigh flying overhead.

You will need:

NOTE: This design could be hand cut by drawing a design on to paper or card, then cutting out and using this as a template to draw on the back of the vinyl. For a detailed tutorial of how to hand cut a design, visit our Instagram page!

Step 1) Hayley roughly drew out her design and cut this out, using it as a template to get an idea of sizing and layout.

Step 2) She then purchased a similar design from the Silhouette Design store (for free, as we had just purchased the amazing new Silhouette Cameo 4 cutting machine*!).

Step 3) After measuring the width of the jumper, Hayley cut the design in half on Silhouette Design Studio as the overall size was too big for our cutting mat. She then flipped the design as this would be cut into the back of the vinyl and therefore backwards.

Step 4) After cutting both sides of the design into the Silver vinyl, Hayley weeded them out as shown below.

Step 5) Hayley placed both sides of the design side-by-side onto the jumper to ensure they matched up.

Step 6) Once Hayley was happy wtht the match, she took the jumper over to the press and pre-pressed the material for 10 seconds at 150 (if using an iron, this can be done for ten seconds on the two-dot setting).

Step 7) Placing the left side of the design onto her jumper, Hayley then covered the vinyl with greaseproof paper and pressed for ten seconds.

Step 8) After the vinyl cooled slightly, Hayley peeled away the shiny plastic carrier as shown below.

Step 9) Hayley carefully matches up the right side of the jumper and covers with greaseproof paper. This is then pressed again for ten seconds.

Step 10) After peeling the carrier off, Hayley carefully re-presses both sides to ensure it has fully bonded with the jumper and has a consistent texture (as this is a knitted jumper, the vinyl will press into the weave of the fabric and show the texture of the knit).

Step 11) To add some extra sparkle, Hayley peels the plastic carrier from the unheated HappyGlitter Silver vinyl and hole punches circles, which she places along the bottom of her design.

Step 12) She then covers with greaseproof paper once more and presses for ten seconds.


* Free One-Month Subscription To The Silhouette Design Store when you buy Silhouette Cameo 4!

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