HappyMelt is a glue which can be applied to textiles using heat. E.g. you can use it to fuse a patch on a bag that can later be stitched.

schritt11. Cut out a piece of fabric or get a ready patch and a piece of HappyMelt large enough to cover it.

schritt22. Place HappyMelt on the fabric with the slightly sticky side. Cover with HappyCover.

When using the HappyPress:

  • Temperature: 165 °C
  • Time: 5 seconds
  • Pressure: medium
  • Peel off: cold

When using a flat iron:
A steady and solid surface is needed for printing. You might use a table covered with a towel to protect the wood from the heat. An ironing board is not suitable. You could however place a small board atop the ironing board.
Set your iron to (**).
Cover the design with HappyCover. If the design is smaller than your iron, firmly press with iron for 10 seconds without moving the iron. Should the design be larger than your iron, press individual areas for 10 seconds and continue to firmly iron in circles for 10 additional seconds. Pay special attention to the edges to make sure your design will stick to the garment permanently.


schritt33. Keep the protective brown paper on HappyMelt if you don't use your patch right away. Cut along the edges of the patch to cut off all overhanging HappyMelt. You can use the rest for other projects.

schritt44. To apply your patch peel off the protective paper and place your patch on the garment with the HappyMelt side facing down. Cover with HappyCover and press with HappyPress or iron. 

Tip: If your patch is particularly thick it might make more sense to turn your garment inside out and press from the left side to be "closer" the glue. 

schritt55. Let everything cool off and give it a good day's rest before washing it. Refer to your garment for washing instructions.

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