HappyFlex Chameleon and Clear Instructions



  • Mirror your design before cutting
  • Always do a test cut

Silhouette cut settings (for a new blade)

Speed: 3
Thickness: 3
Blade: 2

As HappyChameleon is a very thin vinyl you should be careful when weeding.

No two vinyls are the same even if they are of the same type. Thus cutting results may vary from colour to colour even with the same settings. That's why you always need to do a test cut – especially if the blade is a little worn. If the test cut is not correct, try adjusting the blade settings or the speed. The blade settings need to be adjusted in the software as well as on the blade itself.

Suitable for: 100% cotton, 100% polyester, poly-cotton blends

schritt11. Pre iron your garment for two to three seconds to eliminate residual moisture and creases. A plain surface is important when printing.


2. Now place your design on the desired part of the garment and cover it with HappyCover.

When using the HappyPress:

  • Temperature Chameleon: 150 °C; Time: 10 seconds; Pressure: medium; Peel off: cold
  • Temperature Clear: 150 °C;  Time: 5 seconds; Pressure: medium; Peel off: warm


When using a flat iron:
A steady and solid surface is needed for printing. You might use a table covered with a towel to protect the wood from the heat. An ironing board is not suitable. You could however place a small board atop the ironing board.
Set your iron to (**).
Cover the design with HappyCover. If the design is smaller than your iron, firmly press with iron for 20 seconds without moving the iron. Should the design be larger than your iron, press individual areas for 10 seconds and continue to firmly iron in circles for 20 additional seconds. Pay special attention to the edges to make sure your design will stick to the garment permanently.

schritt33. Let your design cool off. Try to lift one corner of the carrier to see whether your design sticks. If it does not stick, continue with step 4. If it sticks, continue with step 5.

schritt44. If your design does not stick, re-cover it with HappyCover and press/iron for another 5 seconds. Try to increase the pressure. Let your design cool off for a couple of minutes and then re-attempt to pull off the carrier.

schritt55. Up to now everything should have worked out fine and you have created your own individual designer piece.
For a long-lasting print let the garment rest up to two days before the first wash. The print is washable up to 40 °C.
Pro-tip: If you turn your garment inside out before washing or ironing, the colours will remain vibrant for a long time.

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