HappyFabric Q&A

  1. What type of vinyl do you sell and what material is it suited to?

We specialise in heat transfer vinyl which can be applied with an iron or heat press.

We have many different effects including HappyFlex, HappyFlex stretch, HappyFlock, HappyGlitter, HappyFashion and more.

It is suitable to use onto a wide variety of fabrics, paper, card, felt and smooth, unvarnished wood.

2. What do these vinyl effects feel like?

HappyFlex has a smooth matt surface.

HappyFlex Stretch has a smooth, soft to touch finish which can stretch very well.

HappyGlitter is textured with small glitter particles, which do not come off when rubbing.

HappyFlock has a felt, velvet texture.

HappyFashion has a smooth, holographic surface.

3. What do I need to get started with HTV?

If it is your first time using HappyFabric heat transfer vinyl, you will need an iron, greaseproof paper, scissors, pen and our vinyl.

Our vinyls can also be cut on a cutting machine and attached using a heat press.

4. Do you have any tutorials on how to use your vinyl with ideas?

Yes, we have tutorials on our Youtube channel which can be found here.

We create regular stories and IGTV videos on our instagram page.

You can find videos and photos of our latest creations on our Facebook page.

We also have weekly ideas and step by steps on our blog. Different projects can be searched using the monthly tabs at the side.

5. What cutting machines can I use your vinyl with?

You can use HappyFabric vinyl with any machine that can cut vinyl including Silhouette, Circuit and Brother Scan n Cut.

6. What heat press would you recommend?

We sell a few different types on our website including the Happy press 3, 2.1 and pro.

7. What are the differences between the heat presses?

We sell 3 main different types. This includes a mobile hobby press, professional press and textile business press. You can find all our information on our heat presses here.

8. Do you sell tools and mats for cutting machines?

Yes, we sell mats, weeding tools, cover grips, heat pillows and more under our accessories tab.

9. Do you sell starter kits?

We sell vinyl bundles which are great for starting out, with a range of colours and effects. We also sell cutting machines and heat press bundles too at a discounted price, which can include a starter vinyl pack.

10. What settings do I need to use with HappyFabric vinyls?

You can find our DIY sheet with pressing, cutting and washing settings here.

11. What do I need to consider if I am washing my fabric for the first time after pressing vinyl onto it?

The pressed vinyl should rest for 2 days before the first wash - the glue must dry completely and soak into the textile.
For a longer durability of the design, the textile should always be washed inside out, at max. 40c.

12. Do I need to mirror my design when using a cutting machine? 

When using a cutting machine the vinyl needs to be placed shiny side down which means you will be cutting into the back of the vinyl. This means you will need to flip your design if it has a certain direction or if your design uses wording.

13. Is there anything I need to do to the fabric before pressing the vinyl on?

Always pre-press your fabric with an iron or heat press to eliminate creases and moisture within the fabric.

14. How do I hand cut vinyl?

You can use a stencil to draw around onto the back of the vinyl with a biro pen (make sure you flip your design backwards).

We often use shaped hole punches which work best with HappyGlitter or HappyFlock, this is because they are thicker vinyl types. Just take the plastic carrier off of the vinyl and then hole punch. Press in the same way with greaseproof paper on top.

You could print off your design and cut this out to act as a stencil too.

15. How do I use an iron to attach the vinyl?

You can use the same pressing motion as a heat press. Simply add your greaseproof paper on top of the design and press onto an even, flat surface. Apply even pressure and make sure every part of your design gets the heat.

Important: Make sure you iron is on the no steam setting.

To see an iron or heat press in action check out our previously linked videos in question 3.

16. Why is there a clear plastic sheet attached to every vinyl sheet?

Once the vinyl has been cut using a cutting machine the excess vinyl can be peeled away (weeded) and your design will be left on the plastic clear carrier. This is then ready to add to your project.

Whether you have hand cut our vinyl or machine cut it, once the vinyl has been pressed you can then peel away the plastic carrier to reveal the texture of the vinyl.

To see this in action check out our previously linked videos in question 3.

17. Which vinyls are suitable to layer with?

HappyFlex is the best type of vinyl to layer with as it has a smooth surface.

A textured vinyl like HappyFlock can be layered on top of the HappyFlex as the very top layer.

We recommend this way round because if you layer on top of the textured vinyls you may see the texture come through. For example, HappyGlitter with HappyFlex on top will show the glitter texture through.

18. What is the delivery time on your products?

Our delivery time is 2-3 days. With the current situation due to Covid-19, we are taking all precautions to keep everyone safe for our staff and customers. We are despatching orders everyday as normal. Due to the current situation slight delays may occur in the postal services by a couple of days.

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