Father’s day: Green fingers garden gloves

We have the perfect project for a garden lover…We found these garden gloves that were just waiting for us to personalise them with heat transfer vinyl. The options are endless for personalisation but we chose ‘Green fingers’. You could add Best Gardener, No. 1 Gardener or even Dad’s Gloves. Here are the steps we took to make ours.

These are the materials you will need:


Type your wording onto the Silhouette studio programme on your computer. We have created the words ‘Green Fingers’.


Measure your glove to decide the size you want the writing to be.


Make sure you reverse your writing, as you will be cutting into the back of the vinyl.

TIP: Draw a box around your words to help save the rest of the vinyl.


Change the setting to ‘Heat transfer smooth’ in the Silhouette settings.


Add the HappyFlex White vinyl onto the cutting mat so the shiny side is facing down.


Load the mat into the machine and send your design to cut.


After unloading your mat you can peel away the box around your writing with a weeding tool. This will reveal your words. Weed out any inner parts of the letters.

OR you could draw your lettering onto the back of the vinyl and hand cut these.

silhouette cameo cutting letters


Draw onto the back of the Green HappyFlex some leaf shapes and cut these out.

STEP 9: Don’t forget to pre-heat your iron on the 2 dot setting.

Pre-press your gloves with an iron. You could use some fabric to cushion out the glove to help the heat spread evenly.

STEP 10:

Add your leaf shapes in place and the cushioning into the glove.

STEP 11:

Add your greaseproof paper on top and press with an iron for 10-15 seconds. Repeat this for each leaf.

STEP 12:


Once cooled to warm temperatures peel off the top plastic carrier off of each leaf.

STEP 13:

Cut around your words so there is no vinyl left on the plastic other than the lettering.

STEP 14:

Place your words onto each glove and add greaseproof paper on top.

iron on htv with garden gloves

STEP 15:

Press with an iron for 10-15 seconds and peel off the top layer once they have cooled to a warm temperature.

This is the perfect personalised gift for Fathers day or a garden lover! How would you personalise yours?

iron on htv with garden gloves hero

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