Troubleshooting: Extra tips and tricks for HTV

Extra pressing and peeling tips for using heat transfer vinyl.


  • Always pre-press your fabric first to make sure the creases and moisture are eliminated from the fabric. This will give the vinyl a great surface to attach to.
  • If you are unsure on the fabric, test a small area with a piece of vinyl to see if you like the finish as we have a variety of effects.
  • Press onto a hard, even, flat surface. If you are using an iron or a hand held press, try to use firm, even pressure.
  • We recommend using greaseproof paper on top of your design when pressing. This protects your press/iron and vinyl, especially when layering designs together.
  • Make sure all the edges of your design have had even heat.
  • Pay attention to the edges of the vinyl if you are using an iron. As an iron has less of a surface area, some edges and parts of the design can sometimes be missed.


  • If the vinyl hasn't quite stuck when peeling the carrier away, add greaseproof paper on top and press again as this area hasn't had enough heat. Different presses and irons can vary very slightly.
  • If the vinyl isn't peeling as smooth as it should, then you may need to leave it to cool and then peel it away.
  • If you are layering a design, remember to peel away the plastic carrier before adding the next layer.
  • Optional: Once you have peeled the plastic carrier away from the vinyl, if needed, you can add greaseproof paper on top and give it a final press to make sure every edge has had the heat. Be-careful with high heat settings being added for too long as you do not want to melt the vinyl. You could lower the temperature and press for a few seconds, just for a final press.

Washing/ ironing:

  • Leave for 2 days before washing so that the vinyl can settle onto the fabric.
  • Wash and iron inside out.

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