Donut Pin Cushion

Donut worry we have the perfect place to put your pins and decorate your craft room with iron-on vinyl at the same time.

I have seen so many pattern/ fabric weights in cake and biscuit shapes and I wanted something pastel coloured to add to our craft room. We have some new pins for our craft room and they couldn’t just be sat in a box. So it was time to create our own donut cushion. Check out our steps to see how to make your own with our iron-on vinyl.

For this make you will need:

  • HappyFlex: Pink, Yellow, Pastel purple, Pastel blue, Pastel green
  • Something circular to draw around (Large for the donut and small for the inner)
  • A4 felt
  • Pen
  • Iron
  • Greaseproof paper
  • Scissors

Step 1- Draw around your circles to create your donut shape onto the felt. Make sure you draw two and cut them both out.

Step 2- Draw around your donut shape onto the back of the pink vinyl, this will act as your outline to draw your icing inside.

Step 3- Cut this out and place it shiny side up onto your donut.

Step 4- Press with greaseproof paper on top for 10 seconds making sure the vinyl gets even heat. Tip: A hard surface works best to press the vinyl.

Step 5- Peel off the top plastic carrier ready to add your sprinkles too.

Step 6- Cut small strips of the colours to create your sprinkles.

Step 7- Add your sprinkles on top of the icing shiny side up and add greaseproof paper on top and press each sprinkle for 10 seconds.

Step 8- Peel off the top plastic layers of each one.

Step 9- Add some stuffing in-between the donut and sew it together with an overcast or blanket stitch.

Your donut is now ready to add your pins into to keep them safe and look pretty! There are so many possibilities with shapes for your pin cushion, why not try a flower, rainbow or star.

You can find all our HappyFlex Colours and Shades here.

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