DIY Upcycle Jacket #thecraftyupcycle

Blog 2/3 from our latest #thecraftyupcycle challenge YouTube video. In this challenge, Hayley was tasked with finding an entire outfit from our local charity shop to transform using our HappyFabric Heat Transfer (iron on) Vinyl and a sewing machine!

In the second part (of three) of the challenge, Hayley brings out her sewing skills to upcycle the long coat that she found in the British Red Cross shop in Colchester. She cuts just above the pockets to turn it into a more stylish cropped jacket- then adds beautiful HappyFlock stars.

See before and after images below:

Scroll down or click the link below to see how she upcycles the last item in the outfit (jeans!) and find out what secret touches she adds to the outfit at the end!

Blog 3: the jeans!

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