DIY Christmas tree skirt

Is there anything better than a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, with some presents tucked underneath for you and your family?

Yes. A beautifully decorated Christmas tree with some presents tucked under for you and your family- with a unique personalised tree skirt! Family is what Christmas spirit is all about, and at Happy Fabric, we want to show you how to create the perfect place to sit your tree.

The first half of this blog will tell you how to create your tree skirt, and the second will show you how to personalise using Happy Fabric vinyl.

Making the skirt:

You can vary the size of both the circle and inner hole, according to the size of your tree- in the Happy Fabric office, we have a small, bedroom sized tree! This will be your skirt!

You will need:

  • 2 metres of fabric
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Skirt template

Step 1: Fold the fabric in half along the length and position the skirt template along the fold. Use the template to draw a quarter circle and flip this over to draw the second quarter- making up the semi-circle as seen in the photo. Then cut this out.

Step 2: Repeat step 1 so that you have two large circles altogether. Pin the two circles right sides together ready to stitch.

Step 3: Sew around the outside of the two large circles leaving the middle hole open. Use the hole to turn the skirt inside out and make sure the fabric sits flat and all areas have been pushed out.

Step 4: Top stitch the circumference of the circle and then neatly stitch together the circle in the middle tucking the raw edges to the wrong side. This will leave you with the base of your tree skirt ready to personalise with your family name or pattern.

Making the tassels

You will need:

  • Wool
  • Scissors

Step 1: First cut a 20 cm piece of wool and wrap across the palm of your hand.

Step 2: Wrap the wool around your hand 10 times to create the tassel wrap.

Step 3: The 20cm piece of wool can be moved up to the top of the tassel wrap and secured with a double knot.

Step 4: The other looped end can be cut to create the tassel and trimmed to the desired length.

Step 5: Tie a piece of wool a quarter of the way down the tassel to create the tassel head.

Step 6: The two strays of wool can be tied together in a loop which can then be sewn to the under tree skirt.

Step 7: Place your tree skirt upside down and pin your tassel loops to the fabric in your desired positions. Then sew these securely to the skirt. We created 12 tassels altogether to spread evenly around the skirt.

Personalising the skirt:

You will need:

Step 1: For the wording, you can hand cut (either writing freehand to create a template or using a stencil to draw on the back of the vinyl) or use a cutting machine. When using either method, always remember that you are cutting out from the back of the vinyl, and therefore any designs must be written backwards to ensure they read correctly when placed the right way up.

Step 2: For this project, we have used a Silhouette Cameo; choosing a font from Silhouette Studio and then cutting out using the machine. You will then need to weed out the writing . To create the shadowed effect, cut the wording out twice (in a different colour each time). In this design we have used HappyGlitter in Silver and HappyFlex in navy.

Step 3: Pre-press the skirt fabric (using an iron on the two-dot setting or a heat press at 150 degrees) to remove all creases or moisture. Then, simply place your bottom layer of wording (HappyFlex) in the desired position. Ensuring the vinyl is shiny side up and reads correctly, cover this with greaseproof paper before pressing down firmly with the iron for ten seconds. If the wording is larger than your iron, as in our design, press each area to make sure that all parts of the vinyl receive enough time and heat.

Step 4: Once pressed, remove the greaseproof paper. When the vinyl is cool enough to touch, peel back the shiny plastic carrier. After this, you can add the second glitter layer of wording to create the shadowed effect as shown.

Step 5: Repeat the pressing process for this (greaseproof paper, press each part separately, remove paper and peel carrier).

Step 6: Next we cut snowflake shapes on our Silhouette cutter in HappyGlitter colours that matched our tree decorations (Hot pink, Royal blue, Kelly green). We then repeated the pressing process with an iron.

TIP: For even more of a Christmas sparkle, peel away the carrier from sheets of HappyGlitter and use a hole punch to create stars to decorate the remainder of your tree skirt. Match colours to your personal décor and tastes to make the skirt extra personal and unique to your family!

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