DIY Christmas jumper using Silhouette

This weekend, Hayley made her boyfriend the perfect Christmas jumper for Christmas tree picking, using HappyFabric vinyl and downloadable artwork from the Silhouette Design Store! Here's how to make your own:

Hi guys!

This weekend was one of my favourite festive events - choosing a Christmas tree for our house! Yipeee. There’s nothing like the excitement of choosing and decorating a tree to make your home the cosiest place before Christmas (or even the cosiest place for your cats to sleep).

I was super prepared as a few days before I decided to make a Christmas jumper that would remind us of picking up our tree every year. I made this one specifically for my boyfriend, as I know how much he loves his silver truck and after all this was the only way of getting the tree home (my car could just about fit a small potted plant).

Having just received our new Silhouette Cameo 4 a few weeks ago, I was very, well maybe a bit too excited to hear that there was a design store for silhouette that I had not explored properly yet! I signed up and received a small amount of credit where I could download some artwork free of charge, which was brilliant. Scrolling through the themed design section was a treat! This is where I came across this truck design with a tree in the back. Obviously this was an instant download and I got making straight away. Just to mention too, there are many free downloads over the Christmas period so definitely keep an eye out for those!

For this jumper you will need:

Follow these steps to create your very own:

Step 1: Choose your artwork- I purchased and downloaded this artwork from the Silhouette Design Store.

Step 2: Open the artwork in the Silhouette Studio software.

Step 3: Click and drag over the design to highlight it. I then flipped the design horizontally so that when cutting into the back of the vinyl later on, my design would be in the correct direction. While the artwork is still highlighted, right click and press ungroup design. Your design will now be separated into its colours as below. You can then move the design pieces you do not need off of the grid- for example I cut the truck shape and snowflakes first so this was the only artwork on the grid.

Step 4:  Place the vinyl shiny side down onto the sticky surface of the cutting mat. Make sure it is placed in the area matching the artwork on your grid on your computer screen. Place the top against the metal roller in line with the left hand side arrows. Press the arrow pointing up on the right hand side panel. This will feed your mat and vinyl into the machine.

Step 5: Change your settings to Heat transfer smooth making sure the settings match the DIY sheet. Then press send and send as is.

Step 6: Once cut, wait a few seconds and press the arrow pointing down to release the mat. The vinyl can then be peeled away and the design can be weeded. This means to take away the access vinyl leaving you with your final design.

Step 7: Repeat step 3-5 using each piece of coloured artwork for each vinyl colour.

Step 8: Now all of your design has been cut! Next pre-press your jumper to take away any moisture and creases within the fabric.

Step 9: Place your Silver truck into place on the jumper. The shiny side should be facing you. Place grease proof paper on top and press with a heat press for 10 seconds.

TIP: If you are using an iron make sure each area of the vinyl gets even heat for 10-15 seconds.

Step 10: Once cool to touch slowly peel away the plastic carrier off of the jumper.

Step 11: Repeat step 8 and 9 making sure you press one colour layer at a time. Note: none of the vinyl should overlap the plastic carriers.

Step 12: Your jumper can then have a final press with greaseproof paper on top; this will help to make sure all the vinyl edges have been fused to the jumper.

There is nothing like a personalised jumper and honestly he seemed pretty chuffed with it. It had everything in it that was Christmassy but also was the exact image of us taking home our tree. This will definitely be worn every year!

Hayley x

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