Display ideas: for embroidery hoops and wall hangings

Over the past few months we have created quite a few embroidery hoop and wall hanging designs in our tutorial videos and for our colourful displays, at shows such as 'The Stitchfest", London.

Our crafter Hayley wanted to show you a few fun ways they could be displayed around the house, whether it's just one on a shelf or hanging lots in a collection together. Check out our 1 minute display video below.

We also wanted to share with you what vinyl types and colours we had used for each hoop/ hanging. Hopefully this inspires you to combine new fabrics and colours together.

"Do what you love" embroidery hoop with beautiful blue toned writing in 3 different font styles.

Vinyls used:

HappyFlock: Mint

HappyGlitter: Beach blue

We first pressed on the HappyFlock and then added HappyGlitter lettering in a smaller size to interlock the flock letters. We love how the quote matches this patterned fabric from Tilly and the Buttons, produced in collaboration with the Craft Cotton Company.

"Always look on the bright side" embroidery hoop with pretty in pink lettering.

Vinyls used:

HappyFlock: Pastel Pink

HappyGlitter: Light Rose Gold

We first pressed the HappyFlock and then layered HappyGlitter on top. As these vinyls have a textured surface we would only recommend the layering of flock and Glitter together on projects that won't be washed often, like this display hoop*.

It's surprising how amazing our vinyls look onto printed and colourful fabrics. This is why keeping every fabric scrap is handy because you can make beautiful decorations for your house, without spending too much money.

*For layering vinyls onto fabric that will be washed, visit our tips on our FAQ page.

Tropical print embroidery hoop with layered shapes creating a smooth screen printed look.

Vinyls used:

HappyFlex: Lemon, Pink, Dark green and Turquoise

HappyFlex is great to layer with creating a smooth surface. With bold colours and natural shapes, it creates a cute print to add to a living space. this fabric was originally a tea towel which was destined for some colour.

"Makers gonna make" wall hanging with 3D sparkles.

Vinyls used:

HappyGlitter: White

Wall hangings like these call for a crafty space, whether it's at a sewing table or next to a shelf of handmade goodies; it will add a crafty style to a space. You could make your own banner or purchase blank ones online from places such as Amazon.

We can't wait to see your displays. Make sure you tag us on our social channels so we can see!

Happy crafting x

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