Day Dreamer…Up-cycle t-shirt

Anyone else daydream about their dream outfit?

This is what I did after creating a retro mood board for inspiration. I sat and thought about what slogan I could add to an old black t-shirt using our iron-on heat transfer vinyl. I came up with ‘Day dreamer’ because…that’s me a daydreamer. Dreaming of all things colourful.

Day Dreaner t-shirt upcycle

Creating this mood board inspired me to create something retro. I love bubble lettering, happy slogans, rainbow colours, and layering. Statement slogan tees are very on trend at the moment and work so well with a simple pair of jeans.

Day Dreaner t-shirt HTV upcycle mood board

For this project you will need:

HappyFlex vinyl in the following:



If you are cutting by hand:

Start by drawing your letters in reverse onto the back of the vinyl (non-shiny side). You could use a stencil to draw around.

Once you have drawn all your letters they can be cut out with scissors.

If you are using a cutting machine:

Type out your slogan onto your cutting programme and make sure you flip the lettering backward before cutting. Once the whole design has been cut this can then be weeded (the vinyl pieces you do not need can be taken away).

Day Dreaner t-shirt upcycle htv letters


I then pre-pressed my t-shirt first to make it flat and to take any moisture out.

The first blue layer could then be placed on. I measured the distance either side and made sure the placement was in the middle using a ruler.


I then added cover paper on top and pressed this for 10 seconds. A tip for when using the iron is to make sure each letter is getting even heat.

Day Dreaner t-shirt upcycle with heat press


The plastic carrier layer can be peeled away once it has cooled slightly (the best part).

Day Dreaner t-shirt upcycle htv peel


Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each layer of colour.

daydreamer htv progress


I then pressed the t-shirt with the cover paper on top to seal all the vinyl in place.

I totally love creating a layered effect, as it looks three dimensional and so colourful!

You can even keep any leftover scraps for your next project!

Day Dreaner t-shirt upcycle htv flat lay

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