Creating a Unique Winter Sweater with HTV

If you're wanting to add a unique pizazz to your wardrobe with HTV, we have the project for you. Whether you want to up-cycle a sweatshirt you never thought you would wear again, or you want to make something from scratch, we have created a little tutorial video for you.

Grab a cup of tea, sit back and relax and read more about what inspired us and watch the behind the scenes...

As it is well into Winter and let's face it, the British weather is very unpredictable, a warm sweatshirt is definitely a wardrobe staple. We decided to sew our own sweatshirt as they can be worn all year round with so many outfits. We were kindly gifted the new Billie pattern by Tilly and the Buttons and we knew this would be a great project to personalise. With an instant excitement of choosing fabric, and a knock at the door from the postie with our package, the sewing could commence.

Hayley really enjoyed sewing each pattern piece, learning new skills on the way. It's amazing to see how the sweater comes together and once it's completed you just want to make more, in every colour possible. The fabric was so lovely and soft, fairly light and a beautiful colour! AND we cannot believe how well it matched to the gorgeous graphic heart cuffs which we could not resist.

Here is the final jumper, woohoo! It was the perfect blank canvas for adding some beautiful HTV colours.

Next up it was time to get planning the personalisation. Hayley knew she wanted to add something to the front, something simple to finish the jumper off. This is the moodboard she put together with the cuffs inspiring heart shapes and contrasting colours. We love starting off with a moodboard especially with the inspiration you can find on Pinterest. Love hearts are always around and bring joy for all ages!

When Hayley routed through the range of HappyFabric HTV colours (a hard choice) she instantly was drawn to the two colours in the cuff design that matched so perfectly! It was quite literally a match made in heaven. Choosing HappyFlock with a velvety texture really has completed the jumper with a luxury, soft feel. The final colours chosen were Fluo Orange and Pastel Pink. *Heart eyes*

So here's the moment you have all been waiting for... Tah Dah!

The hand cut Flock hearts have really transformed the sweatshirt into Hayley's dream jumper. With a textured finish and matching sleeves, we really think it looks better than shop bought! No one will ever have the exact same jumper! But wait...the fun doesn't have to stop there. Hayley added some more HTV to a tote bag to match the outfit, how cute! And that is definitely something you cannot buy anywhere else!

HTV colours used for the totebag: HappyFlock: Fluo Orange & Pastel Pink, HappyFlex: Royal Blue

Check out our video here to watch the step by step tutorial on how to make your very own contrasting HTV heart design sweater. You may want to add this type of design to other textiles projects such as wall hangings, cushions, trainers or bags...

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Products used links:

Vinyl personalisation- HappyFabric HTV- from HappyFabric UK

Billie Sweatshirt pattern- from Tilly and the Buttons * gifted item

Fabric and thread- from Minerva

Cuffs- from Sister Mintaka

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