Create your very own Leopard Print.

Hiya guys. It's Marnie again, here to impart some crafty knowledge on you all.

As so many of you enjoyed my hand cut leopard print, I have decided I would be extra helpful and give you a step by step on how to create your own…

Start by choosing what colours you would like your leopard print to be. I have used a mixture of three different colours – 2 for the colourful inner area of the print and 1 for the outer edging.

I decided that I wanted my leopard print to be quite colour clashy so I have gone for the following…

Happy flex in Lemon and Light Blue for the inner coloured section, and then framed by Black Happy Flock.

I have created a leopard print stencil for those who want to use it, this contains the shapes for the inner shapes and the outer shapes. (download the template here)

  1. Simply cut out the paper stencil so they are all loose.
  2. On the back of your heat transfer vinyl’s draw around the shapes and then cut out.
  3. Grab whatever item you want to press your leopard print onto and give it a pre-press via the iron or heat press to get rid of any moisture.
  4. Once you have pre-pressed, you can start to place the first layer of coloured vinyl onto your chosen project.

(tip) Get the placement of your design finalised before you start to press any vinyl. You may change your mind about the placement and once they are pressed there is no going back.

  1. Once the first colour is pressed and you have peeled the carrier off of the vinyl, add your next colour for the inner section.  (tip) Make sure you remove ALL carrier plastic before adding the next colour of vinyl.

6. Once the second colour has been added and ALL carriers have been removed, you can begin to frame the inner colours roughly with your edging colour. This then helps to create the leopard print pattern.

7. When you are happy with the placement of the edging colours give them a press into place and hey presto. You are done.

See, its super easy, and can be created in so many different colours and sizes. Give it ago - we would love to see your interpretation of our leopard print.

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