Crazy Daisy Up-cycle

Spring has officially sprung. The 20th of March marked the first official day of spring and we are so pleased to finally be able to ditch the dull and gloomy feeling of winter over our heads. To celebrate, I decided to start spring with an up-cycle project of an old dark coloured sweatshirt using our Heat Transfer Vinyl, and turn it into a fresh new spring-themed sweatshirt. Let’s hope that this spreads the spring feeling wherever I go.

daisy jumper htv tutorial step hero

Project List:-

  • HappyFlex in White size 33x50cm x2 for the large Daisies.
  • HappyFlock in Yellow size A4 for the inner parts of the daisies.
  • Sketchbook.
  • Pencil.
  • Old Sweatshirt.
  • Iron/Heat Press.
  • Scissors.
  • Greaseproof paper.

Pre-heat your iron to 150 degrees which is the 2 dot setting on your iron. Ready for fusing.

Draw out in your sketchbook a large daisy shape. If you feel your hand drawing skills are not too great, then print yourself a daisy shape off of the internet, or let us know and we can send you ours to print off.

Once you are happy with your daisy design, cut it out. Now you have created your stencil for drawing around.

daisy jumper htv tutorial step 1

Pop your stencil to one side and grab your White HappyFlex. Begin to draw around the daisy onto the back of your vinyl. [Tip- The front of the vinyl is much shinier than the back, the back is more matt.]

Once you have drawn out the number of daisies you think you will need, begin to cut them out. When you cut out the designs make sure you cut within the pen line. You don’t want any pen left on the vinyl as it will transfer to the jumper, so make sure you have cut this all away.

daisy jumper htv tutorial step 2

Now put all of your daisies to one side and get your sweatshirt. Give it a quick iron to get rid of the moisture within the fabric. This is a MUST as this will allow the vinyl to really adhere and fuse properly to the fabric.

After pre-pressing the sweatshirt begin to lay your daisy designs wherever you want them [make sure the vinyl is shiny side up.]

If you are happy with your placement you can now begin to fuse them into place.

daisy jumper htv tutorial step 3

Place the greaseproof paper over the top of the vinyl and place the iron on the top. Hold the iron in place with firm pressure for about 10-15 seconds.

Once the vinyl has been fused into place, you can peel away the plastic carrier and repeat for the rest of the daisies.

[Tip - I have cut some of the petals down to fit in against the seam, as I like the way it makes the fabric look like it has been printed before sewing together. I fuse the majority of the daisy down first so I know it isn’t going to move from its position and then make sure you leave the petals you want to cut down unfused. You can then cut the petal down so it will fit in against the seam, then give it one final press into place.]

daisy jumper htv tutorial step 4

When all the daisies are in place you can then cut some small circles which will fit nicely in the center of the daisy. We have done ours in Yellow HappyFlock to make it nice and fluffy.

Fuse these on a slightly higher temperature and peel the plastic carrier away once the vinyl has cooled right down.

And there you have it - an upcycled ‘Crazy Daisy’ sweatshirt, ready to be worn throughout spring.

daisy jumper htv tutorial step hero

Crazy Daisy Cushion…

For the crazy daisy Cushion cover, I use the same process but I made smaller daisies. I also hand cut ‘Crazy Daisy’ out in Happy Flock in yellow. This is how I created the wording…

On the computer, I found a nice font which I wanted my ‘Crazy Daisy’ to be in. I then made this fit the size of an A4 piece of paper which I then printed out. Once it was printed I then really carefully cut the wording out. This now acted as a stencil for me to draw around on the back of my vinyl again. [Tip- when using a stencil which is letters make sure you reverse it when drawing around it, as you will be drawing on the back of the vinyl which will be flipped over to be fused.] I then once again cut it out and fused it on, the same way I did the daisies.

Hey presto! A new cushion cover and an upcycled jumper! We like to match our surroundings!

daisy cushion htv tutorial step hero

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