Craft takeover with Thestitchedit

We recently had the pleasure of Alice-May also known as Thestitchedit to visit us for a day of fun-filled crafts. 

Alice-May is a children’s book editor, which meant she had a great imagination when it came to crafting with our vinyl! Her love of sewing, crafts and lifestyle posts can be seen across her Instagram, YouTube videos and blog, definitely check them out. Alice-May had a number of design ideas, which was great; as we could work out together what to add them to. Having not used our vinyl before meant it was super exciting to show her all the different ways it can be used. We also introduced her to the Happy Press 3 and Silhouette Cameo 3 cutter.

Alice-May wanted to create a slogan tee that had a play on words and related to her love of sewing. We absolutely love the placement of the slogan ‘Stitch please’ created using HappyFlex first for ‘stitch’ and then HappyFlock vinyl on top for the ‘please’. This meant it was a mix of smooth and velvety writing which looks so, so amazing and has such a professional finish! We taught Alice-May how to layer with vinyl and this was really effective with the block lettering and elegant calligraphy with light and dark coloured vinyl. We cut the lettering using our silhouette-cutting machine however, you could use an alternative machine or hand-cut your shapes.

Alice-May’s first make was such a success she wore her top all day, it was such a great outfit with her rust coloured skirt.

For our next make, a pale pink cushion was waiting for us to add some sparkle. A star constellation, Alice-May’s idea, looked good enough for any sofa! We added Leo and Aquarius symbols with glittery stars, which complimented the pink fabric. For this make you could hole punch the HappyGlitter stars and hand-cut the strips of white to join the stars together. Alice-May wants to add this to her lounge along with some beautiful teal and grey colours which sounds so dreamy. Why not add a mustard colour such as yellow flock to create the ultimate colour combo.

Our final creation was personalising the back of a denim jacket. Rainbow colours just had to be incorporated and what better way to do it than with a cute cloud with colourful rainbow drops. When thinking of quote ideas we thought ‘chasing rainbows’ was the perfect saying to add inside the cloud. This was machine cut and then we used a weeding tool to take away the lettering. This meant the denim showed through the wording and was a great contrast against the white glitter vinyl. We hand cut the drops in a variety of vinyl colours and decided that less is more as we had so many rainbow drops we could have filled the whole jacket. We love how easy it is to transform your clothing and create something exactly how you want it.

How cool would it be to keep adding to the jacket with even more vinyl mixed with sew on patches? You would have the ultimate personalised jacket, EVER! It was such a great day we could have created even more if we had time! Having Alice-May in was so inspiring and gave a fresh new view on our vinyl creations! We love to see how each creator designs using our vinyl. Make sure you share your makes with us by tagging our Instagram or Facebook page on your creation posts, so we can see your wonderful projects.

Make sure you have a good read of Alice-Mae's day over on the Stitch Edit Blog.

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