Christmas crafts with The Fabric Fox

This week we were joined by the lovely Kirsty, from The Fabric Fox! The Fabric Fox sells bold, colourful and modern fabrics as well as an array of haberdashery and dress making patterns by designers such as Tilly and the Buttons.

We decided to have a Christmas themed craft day in the Happy Fabric studio, adding our amazing heat transfer vinyl to Kirsty’s beautiful fabrics. The projects we made included Christmas slogan bauble bunting, and some reusable wrapping (in the form of handmade Santa sacks).

Project one: the bunting!

Kirsty used baubles templates to hand cut lots of festive shapes from a variety of her pink and red fabrics (links to these at end of blog post). Using HappyGlitter, she wanted to spell out a Christmas slogan on the baubles and attach them to string or ribbon to create magical Christmas bunting! For this, we used the following:

  1. Kirsty hand cut the bauble shapes (4" x 5"  per shape) from the fabric, then ironed on the interfacing to stop them from fraying.

2) After deciding on vinyl colours and the slogan ‘JINGLE ALL THE WAY’, we used Silhouette Design Studio to choose a font and make everything the correct size.

TIP: Measure the bauble shapes in inches, so that you can translate the measurements easily to the cutting mat grid.

3) We flipped the writing on Silhouette Studio (as the wording is cut into the back of the vinyl).

4) After loading the Silhouette machine with an A4 sheet of HappyGlitter Green (shiny side sticking to the mat) we pressed send on Silhouette studio and the cutter began to create our letters.

5) When the machine had finished cutting and unloaded the vinyl, we then weeded out the words and cut each letter out so that we could arrange them on individual baubles.

6) We then drew around the top outline of the bauble shapes and produced basic shapes such as circles and squares. This was to create the bauble crowns (as shown in photo below). These were drawn onto the back of the HappyGlitter Light God and cut by hand.

7) We set the heat press at 150 degrees (you could also use an iron for the entire pressing process at the two-dot setting).

8) We pre-pressed the fabric shapes to remove any creases and moisture in the fabric.

9) After this, we arranged the vinyl lettering (shiny side up) and bauble crowns onto the shapes and covered with greaseproof paper.

10) The shapes were then pressed for 10 seconds at 150 degrees.

11) Once cooled slightly, we were able to peel away the shiny plastic carrier form the vinyl to reveal the crushed glitter texture.

12) We then arranged the bauble shapes in order, to spell out JINGLE ALL THE WAY and organised them with spacings to test how much ribbon we would need to hang them.

13) The ribbon was then cut to the correct size, and we used a glue gun to secure the baubles along the length of the ribbon.

14) The last step was simply to hang the garland and take some beautiful photos!

Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming blog post, where we’ll be telling you how we created these amazing Santa Sacks (reusable wrapping)!

Here are the links to the fabrics Kirsty used for the bauble garland!

Pink with red stars, Red with pink Christmas trees, Pink with white polka dot and Pink with multi colour stars !

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