Overview Tips 'n' Tricks


Here we've gathered some useful and helpful tips and tricks for designing your textile.

Getting Started with Textile Printing


You want to create great, individual t-shirts? Give that little something to your bags and cushions? Create cute outfits for your kids?
Being the designer of your own clothes is easier than you might think. And the best thing about it: You got almost everything you need right at home!
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Add Materials in Silhouette Studio


If you want to cut a textile vinyl you will soon note that there are no presets for most vinyls. That's why we want to show you how to add materials in the Silhouette Studio software so can quickly choose them the next time.
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Silhouette Plotter: Cutting with or without Cutting Mat

Silhouette Plotter: Mit oder ohne Schneidematte schneiden?
When you get to know your Silhouette cutter you will soon note that it has two functions: cutting with or without a cutting mat. In this post we will explain the difference between the two methods and which es better suited for our textile vinyls.
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Silhouette Plotter – Portrait vs. Cameo 2

As soon as you know that you want a cutter you will need to decide which cutter is right for you. We've created a table to give you an overview over the most important points of the two Silhouette cutters Portrait and Cameo. This might make the decision easier.
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Where to Place Designs

Front, sleeve, back? The most beautiful design is useless if you can't really place it on your shirt. Here we show you some example of where to place your design so they look really good! For caps, bags and other stuff as well!
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Mark the Middle of a Bag

Place a design in the middle of a bag, like a shopping bag?
No problem with our instructions!
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Mark the Middle of a Sleeve

We help you find the middle of the sleeve of a t-shirt, polo or other textiles with these instructions.
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Placing Designs with Guidelines

In this post we will tell you our little secret of how we place our designs perfectly.
Tip: It's guidelines ;)
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