• How to: create an initial glitter purse

    Ever remember those personalised gifts you used to find as a kid in shops, where you could spin the stand around, looking for your name on a headband or keyring?

    We are reminiscing those times wanting to personalise handmade items or specially bought gifts with a name or initial to add the final touch. We thought, how cute it would be to personalise a purse to store receipts and loose change in.

    In 5 easy steps you could add an initial in less than 15 minutes to your project and here's how:

    You will need:

    • Iron
    • Greaseproof paper
    • A fabric purse

    How to:

    Step 1: Measure your purse to get an idea of what size you would like your letter to be. We chose 2.5 inches for our purse.

    Step 2: Choose a font on your cutting machine programme (we are using Silhouette studio). Make sure the letter fits your chosen measurements and flip it horizontally ready to cut.

    Alternatively you could hand cut your letter using a stencil to draw around onto the vinyl or use your own handmade template.

    Step 3: Weed out your design to reveal your letter attached to the plastic carrier.

    Step 4: Place your letter shiny side up onto the purse and add greaseproof paper on top. Press with an iron (on the 2 dot setting) for 10 seconds across the letter. Make sure you pay attention to all the edges too.

    Step 5: Peel the plastic carrier away while warm and you have a personalised purse ready to gift or may be you might want to make one for yourself too!

    Here's a close up of the glitter and we are obsessed with how sparkly it is! The black against this calico coloured fabric creates a great minimal look that would match with any bag or outfit. You could also go bright and choose some funky colour combinations and even try layering a shadow underneath using HappyFlex.

  • HTV vinyl packs

    Need a good starter pack for using Heat transfer vinyl?

    These packs are the perfect crafty project where you only need: Scissors, an iron and a pen. Let your imagination take you away with projects from t-shirt up-cycling, card making, cushion decorating or maybe personalising a pair of trainers. 

    With our exclusive packs you will get a pre-cut sheet of vinyl ready to cut out and iron straight onto fabric. It also includes a variety of A4 coloured sheets with different effects!

    The great outdoors pack

    Nature lovers unite, this vinyl pack features hand drawn pre-cuts centred around Spring/Summer and- you guessed it- the great outdoors! From monstera leaves to flamingos, there’s something for everyone.

    This pack includes:

    • Ready cut shapes for you to add onto your project. Simply cut around the design and iron them on.   
    • Instruction sheet and greaseproof paper

    The doodle pack

    This doodle pack includes some of the cutest pre-cuts we’ve ever created. There’s a mix of dinosaurs, space-themed designs and even hearts and cupcakes to give everybody a taste of what they like!

    • Ready cut shapes for you to add onto your project. Simply cut around the design and iron them on.   
    • Instruction sheet and greaseproof paper

    Which pack is your favourite?

    For more of our vinyl colour bundles check out the link here.

  • How to: to make and decorate a knotted head band using HappyFabric vinyl

    Hair accessory obsessed at the moment after making our hair clip tutorial; we just had to test out creating another accessory. This time we have crafted up a knotted head band. This worked so well, we wanted to share with you the really simple process to making your own.

    This is great if you have old head bands lying around in your drawers as they can be repurposed into something new. Maybe to match your fave outfit or in your most worn colour.

    You will need:

    Step 1: Measure around the circumference of the head band. Then add an extra 4 inches to this measurement. This is the length of fabric you will need. Next measure the width of the band and triple this number.

    For example: The circumference is 15 inches + 4 inches = 19 inches - This is the length of your fabric.

    The width is 1 inch X3 = 3 inches - This is the width of your fabric.

    Step 2: Draw out your measurements onto your fabric using a pen or dress makers chalk. Cut your fabric out around your drawn lines. You should have a long rectangular shape.

    Step 3: Using a hole punch create lots of circles by punching through the vinyl. If you are hole punching HappyFlex make sure you have a sharp small hole punch. If you are using HappyGlitter or HappyFlock it is best to take the plastic carrier off of the vinyl and then hole punching. You could also choose a funky shape!

    Step 4: Pre-press your fabric with an iron or heat press.

    Step 5: Place your dots shiny side up onto the fabric. If you have taken the plastic carrier off of the Flock or Glitter place them textured side up.

    Step 6: Add greaseproof paper on top and press with a heat press for 10 seconds at 150 degrees.

    If you are using an iron press each dot for 10 seconds on the 2 dot setting.

    Step 7: Once cool to touch peel away each plastic carrier if it is still attached to your vinyl.

    Step 8: Glue gun the middle point of your fabric and add the middle of the head band to this. We are using a glue gun.

    Step 9: Keep gluing around the edges slowly adding more fabric to the band bit by bit. Fold back the ends and secure with glue neatly.

    Step 10: Repeat the pressing and peeling process with a smaller length of fabric and fold and glue the edges over to create a neat edge. This time tie it around the middle of the head band creating a neat knot. You can then glue this in place and glue the ends under the band.

    Yay! It's finished! You now have your very own unique headband. Imagine adding a name to the top or a bit of HappyGlitter along with some sew on embellishment. People will definitely be asking where you get your hair accessories from. Bright fabrics would work equally as well for a statement accessory with a matching outfit too.

  • July inspiration: Vinyl colours in your home

    Home decoration and cosy furnishings have been inspiring us throughout lockdown. Of course, Pinterest has had us dreaming of beautiful colours, keeping us calm, motivated and crafting.

    We have chosen a few rooms on Pinterest which have inspired us to create tonal and bright colour palettes in our vinyls. From HappyFlock to Glitter there is a colour mood to make you feel good in these 8 mood boards we have put together.

    Why not create something for the home in your colour palette?

    All images can be found here on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/happyfabricuk/july-blog-inspo/

    Warm, calming tones from creams, rose gold and brown shades would set a tranquil scene with decorated HappyFlex vinyl cushions. These colours really do give a relaxing and airy feel to a room.

    Pinterest photo

    This bathroom inspired us for its bold use of contrasting colour with a natural, tropical feel. We mixed and matched our vinyls for this mood using HappyFlock, HappyGlitter and HappyFlex for a holiday mood. We think these colours would look fab on a fabric plant holder or tropical wall hanging.

    Pinterest photo

    A minimal look can create a crisp look with lots of interior decor together. We've created a simple mood with HappyFlex, HappyFashion and HappyFlock which would be perfect to label fabric storage boxes or personalise a blanket.

    Pinterest photo

    For a bolder look, why not mix and match strong contrasting colours for the ultimate colour pop. We have chosen HappyGlitter, HappyFlock and HappyFashion, perfect for wall hangings, adding detail to photo frames and cushions.

    Pinterest photo

    With Summer here these warm colours will add a little happiness to any home, along with matching flowers. HappyFlex or HappyFlock could add a bit of brightness to a notebook, fabric pencil pot or maybe a note card.

    Pinterest photo

    These earthy colours add some depth and natural warmth to a room with cosy browns and creams. This HappyFlex and HappyFlock combination would suit kitchen cushions, a door hanger, labelling vegetable bags or even a recipe book.

    Pinterest photo

    Dark blue walls are very popular adding interest to a room. Pairing this with some warm colours gives it the ultimate pop. We have brought together HappyFlock, HappyGlitter and HappyFlex which would suit any lounge adding extra detail. You could use HappyFabric vinyl to decorate embroidery hoops, throws, coasters or napkins.

    Pinterest photo

    How adorable is this sewing room? These pastel shades paired together create soft tones with colour bursts. This mood includes HappyFlex and HappyGlitter which could be used onto bunting, wall hangings, tote bags or even that handmade dress you've wanted to add some detail to.

    Pinterest photo

    We would love to see your homeware creations and how you have used our vinyl to create a cosy home. Feel free to tag us in your creations on our social media channels linked below, so we can see your wonderful projects. Whether you have a colour scheme or a mix and match of bold colours, there is a vinyl colour that could suit your plan.

    Instagram - Facebook - Pinterest

  • How to: Hand cut HappyFabric vinyl video

    Have you watched our hand cut tutorial video? It's got tips and tricks for using stencils to hand cut our vinyls.

    We also have a free template so you can make your very own.

    Here is the free template for you to copy and print off at home. You could create your very own lemon print onto your next project.

    Download our PDF template here.

  • June inspiration: Slogan tees

    Slogan t-shirts have to be one of the ultimate ways to personalise an outfit. Whether it's sewing or horoscope related, a fabulous quote or nickname, it transforms an outfit from 'wow' to 'wow, where did you get that top?!'.

    We love all of your HappyFabric slogan tee creations and couldn't resist sharing a few with you that have a variety of design ideas. They all look really fabulous on each creator and are inspiring us to make and up-cycle more from our wardrobe!

    We have linked all the lovely creators instagrams so you can see even more of their fun projects online.

    How awesome is this 'Girl gang' t-shirt created and designed by @selfassemblyrequired? Emily's use of wording inside an image is super effective, creating a fashionable, personalised outfit! It's created a stand out silhouette that would suit every item of clothing in your wardrobe.

    Look at the beautiful match between vinyl and leopard print fabric for @sew.craft.megan 's handmade t-shirt. We love Megan's choice of patterned fabric with swirly, calligraphy style HappyFlock lettering. Especially, with a positive message, it really does make us happy!

    This t-shirt is definitely something to roar about! Kara from @acreativeescape created this fun top for her son and he was over the moon about it (and so are we). We love how Kara has placed the HappyFlex slogan into the dino jaw with explorer style lettering, it's so creative!

    We are obsessing over @nerrisapratt 's outfit combination. Nerrisa created this dreamy, sewist's top in HappyFlock, perfect for a sew and tell meet up. We love the stylised, rounded font that stands out against the grey fabric! Nerrisa has also paired the tee with a beautiful, colour popping skirt and we are here for it!

    Georgina from @sewinthegarden came into the HappyFabric studio for a fun filled day of crafting. This is one of four of her fabulous creations she made on the day! Georgina finished this me-made garment with 'Seamstress', choosing two gorgeous HappyFlex vinyl colours for a 3D shadow effect! We think it works perfectly against the blue fabric. Check out her instagram to what else Georgina created.

    Carrie from @carrie_can_make_it created this sparkly HappyGlitter 'Mama' bear tee. The lettering is super effective cut inside the bear shape, bringing the fabric colour through. It's created a beautiful, proud Mama outfit and the most adorable photo!

    'Don't quit your daydream'.

    We could spend all day admiring the details in @Paigejoannaa 's dreamy tee. Paige has used HappyFlex layered up, creating a beautiful pastel scene behind her bubbly writing, matching her bubbly personality. We do love an inspiring quote, especially when it can be worn everyday! Check out more of Paige's brilliant crafty projects on her YouTube channel and on her blog.

    This is the ultimate t-shirt for the bearded guys out there! The contrast of bold, block HappyFlex lettering with the 'outta' opposing black square, creates a statement tee ready for any personalised quote. The moustache at the bottom definitely finishes it off.

    Look at this little lovely in her Pastel Pink HappyFlock top created by @life.of.moo. This is one of our new vinyl colours along with 'Mint' and it works beautifully for Children's clothing! Marnie has used a calligraphy style font, for her slogan and paired the top with a beautiful layered skirt/dress, which matches perfectly. How adorable!

    Sophia from @sew__jessalli created this fab staple HappyFlex tee, with amazing elongated lettering, reading 'Be creative'. It's the perfect everyday tee, motivating everyone to keep up their creativity and doesn't Sophia look so stylish too? It's inspired us to make one of our own for all our crafting activities!

    We love this t-shirt created by Claudine from @iron_lamb it's such a fun idea! Claudine was inspired by the way the word 'Crochet' looked in different languages. So she decided to create this tee with the word 'Crochet' repeated in a variety of different languages. We can't not mention the amazing combination of pink HappyFlex against red fabric too!

    To all the cat Mama's out there, you know how much we love a personalised cat make. Sarah from @likesewamazing not only has the sweetest cat, she also has the perfect top to show off her title. Created in HappyFlex, Sarah's wonderful cat design matches with her sleeve and neckline fabric too. Could this outfit/ photograph be any more perfect?

    You have reached level 9 of t-shirt making! Emma from @thezipperfoot created this playful tee using a variety of vinyls layered up. This was the perfect gift for her 9 year old. Emma makes a Birthday t-shirt every year for a keepsake which is one of the greatest ideas ever! We love the design of this one as it's well suited to his 9th Birthday but could also be worn all year round. We can't wait to see this years one!

    We hope you have been as inspired as us to create a slogan tee whether it's an up-cycle project, handmade t-shirt or a personalised gift, there's definitely something very special about making your very own.

    Don't forget to tag us in your makes so we can see your wonderful creations and share them!

    For more crafty project ideas check out our other blog posts here.

    What slogan tee will you create next?

  • Troubleshooting: Extra tips and tricks for HTV

    Extra pressing and peeling tips for using heat transfer vinyl.


    • Always pre-press your fabric first to make sure the creases and moisture are eliminated from the fabric. This will give the vinyl a great surface to attach to.
    • If you are unsure on the fabric, test a small area with a piece of vinyl to see if you like the finish as we have a variety of effects.
    • Press onto a hard, even, flat surface. If you are using an iron or a hand held press, try to use firm, even pressure.
    • We recommend using greaseproof paper on top of your design when pressing. This protects your press/iron and vinyl, especially when layering designs together.
    • Make sure all the edges of your design have had even heat.
    • Pay attention to the edges of the vinyl if you are using an iron. As an iron has less of a surface area, some edges and parts of the design can sometimes be missed.


    • If the vinyl hasn't quite stuck when peeling the carrier away, add greaseproof paper on top and press again as this area hasn't had enough heat. Different presses and irons can vary very slightly.
    • If the vinyl isn't peeling as smooth as it should, then you may need to leave it to cool and then peel it away.
    • If you are layering a design, remember to peel away the plastic carrier before adding the next layer.
    • Optional: Once you have peeled the plastic carrier away from the vinyl, if needed, you can add greaseproof paper on top and give it a final press to make sure every edge has had the heat. Be-careful with high heat settings being added for too long as you do not want to melt the vinyl. You could lower the temperature and press for a few seconds, just for a final press.

    Washing/ ironing:

    • Leave for 2 days before washing so that the vinyl can settle onto the fabric.
    • Wash and iron inside out.

    For more FAQ's visit out page here.

  • How to create a hair clip using HappyFabric vinyl

    We've been dreaming of sparkly, terrazzo style hair clips over the past month or so and have decided to make it happen. We found some scrap felt and decided to go for it with some amazing vinyl colours.

    These are the perfect colours for the nude, pastel trend including a bit of glitter and shine.

    For this hair clip design, you will need:

    -HappyFlex Pink, Rose gold

    -HappyGlitter Vintage gold, White




    -Greaseproof paper

    -Hair clip

    -Glue/ glue gun

    Step 1: Cut random small shapes in each vinyl colour apart from the Rose Gold. You can't go wrong as each shape can be a completely different shape.

    Cut the Rose gold into the size and shape you would like your hair clip to be. We cut ours into a rectangular shape.

    Step 2: Add your Rose gold strip shiny side up and press with greaseproof paper on top for 10 seconds across the strip. Make sure the iron is on the 2 dot temperature setting with no steam.

    Step 3: Next add the HappyFlex pink shapes shiny side up in a random, scattered pattern.

    Step 4: Peel the plastic carriers off of each shape once cool to touch.

    Step 5: Add the next layer of shapes and press using the same process.

    Step 6: Peel the plastic carriers off and then repeat the pressing and peeling steps with the next layer.

    Step 7: Cut around the shape to neaten up all the edges.

    Step 8: Glue your clip to the felt making sure the open end can be parted when trying on the clip.

    Once the glue is dry, you can try it on! There are so many ways you can wear them. What's great is you can create them in the exact colour combination and style that suits you!

  • How to: Make a rosette using felt and HappyFabric vinyl

    As you know Father's Day is around the corner which means a special craft can be made for a Father or Grandad. We have created this adorable 'Best Grandad' rosette for him to wear proudly all year round!

    We thought this rosette would be great to pin to white card to make into a special card and present in one. He can then detach the pin badge and keep this to look back at.

    You will need:

    -HappyFlex Gold

    -Optional: HappyGlitter Vintage gold for the stars and a hole punch


    -Drinking glass to draw around

    -Pen, ruler, scissors, glue (or glue gun)

    -Greaseproof paper


    -Cutting machine or a stencil to draw your lettering

    Step 1: Use your glass to draw 2 circles onto the felt.

    Step 2: Cut around your shapes using scissors.

    Step 3: Use a ruler to draw your ribbon shapes and cut these out.

    Step 3: Glue your ribbon pieces to the back of one circle. Then glue your second circle on top of this.

    Step 4: Measure your circle to decide on how wide you would like your lettering.

    Step 5: Type your lettering out and flip it horizontally.

    If you are hand cutting the vinyl use a stencil to draw around onto the back (non shiny side of the vinyl). Be sure to flip the letters so they are backwards when drawing them out.

    Step 6: Cut your words out using a cutting machine (lay vinyl shiny side down onto the mat).

    If you are hand cutting make sure all the pen marks have been cut away. This will avoid any marks transferring to the felt.

    Step 7: If you have used a machine to cut your design, weed out the access vinyl to reveal the lettering. We decided we quite liked the reverse block style instead of the individual letters.

    Pre-heat the iron on the 2 dot setting.

    Step 8: Place your design shiny side up onto the felt and add greaseproof paper on top. Press for 10 seconds across the whole design.

    As we used the block part of the vinyl we didn't need to peel away the plastic carrier (as this was the access).

    If you have hand cut your lettering or used the cut vinyl with the plastic carrier, peel this away once the vinyl is cool to touch.

    Optional: You could add some scallop shapes to the outer edge of the circle to create a rosette look. We glued these on with a glue gun. We then added extra HappyGlitter stars by taking the plastic layer off of the vinyl and hole punching the shapes. We then used the same pressing process.

    Tag Dah! The rosette is finished and ready to add as a present decoration or to attach to a card. You could add a safety pin to the back so he can wear it with pride!

    For more crafty projects check out our other blog posts and social media channels.

    We also have an FAQ page which may help you with choosing vinyl effects, machines and equipment.

  • Display ideas: for embroidery hoops and wall hangings

    Over the past few months we have created quite a few embroidery hoop and wall hanging designs in our tutorial videos and for our colourful displays, at shows such as 'The Stitchfest", London.

    Our crafter Hayley wanted to show you a few fun ways they could be displayed around the house, whether it's just one on a shelf or hanging lots in a collection together. Check out our 1 minute display video below.

    We also wanted to share with you what vinyl types and colours we had used for each hoop/ hanging. Hopefully this inspires you to combine new fabrics and colours together.

    "Do what you love" embroidery hoop with beautiful blue toned writing in 3 different font styles.

    Vinyls used:

    HappyFlock: Mint

    HappyGlitter: Beach blue

    We first pressed on the HappyFlock and then added HappyGlitter lettering in a smaller size to interlock the flock letters. We love how the quote matches this patterned fabric from Tilly and the Buttons, produced in collaboration with the Craft Cotton Company.

    "Always look on the bright side" embroidery hoop with pretty in pink lettering.

    Vinyls used:

    HappyFlock: Pastel Pink

    HappyGlitter: Light Rose Gold

    We first pressed the HappyFlock and then layered HappyGlitter on top. As these vinyls have a textured surface we would only recommend the layering of flock and Glitter together on projects that won't be washed often, like this display hoop*.

    It's surprising how amazing our vinyls look onto printed and colourful fabrics. This is why keeping every fabric scrap is handy because you can make beautiful decorations for your house, without spending too much money.

    *For layering vinyls onto fabric that will be washed, visit our tips on our FAQ page.

    Tropical print embroidery hoop with layered shapes creating a smooth screen printed look.

    Vinyls used:

    HappyFlex: Lemon, Pink, Dark green and Turquoise

    HappyFlex is great to layer with creating a smooth surface. With bold colours and natural shapes, it creates a cute print to add to a living space. this fabric was originally a tea towel which was destined for some colour.

    "Makers gonna make" wall hanging with 3D sparkles.

    Vinyls used:

    HappyGlitter: White

    Wall hangings like these call for a crafty space, whether it's at a sewing table or next to a shelf of handmade goodies; it will add a crafty style to a space. You could make your own banner or purchase blank ones online from places such as Amazon.

    We can't wait to see your displays. Make sure you tag us on our social channels so we can see!

    Happy crafting x

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