• HTV Christmas jumper ideas

    Created by Christine from @sewyeah on a visit at HappyFabric HQ

    It's Christmas jumper season, WOOHOO! There's nothing like wearing a snuggly, comfy jumper that gets you in the festive mood, especially when it's personalised the way you like it!

    We are so excited to share with you just a few of our favourite jumpers which are perfect to create at home, over a zoom call with your work pals or to have a family competition.

    There's a variety of project ideas including designs you can cut with scissors as well as cutting machines such as Silhouette, Cricut or Brother ScanNCut. Then simply use an iron or heat press to attach it to your jumper.

    Find our DIY instructions here.

    Let's show you just a few of our ultimate favourite festive jumpers...

    Hand cut HappyGlitter HTV letters:

    • We love how these pastel shades work so well against the bright red fabric!
    • Use a stencil to draw around onto the shiny (glossy) side of the vinyl. A marker pen works really well for this.
    • Then cut your letters out with scissors.

    Hand cut HTV abstract holly created by @sewyeah:

    • Christine from Sew Yeah hand cut a variety of HTV effects including HappyGlitter, HappyFashion, HappyFlex and HappyFlock.
    • Then she arranged these to create an all over design. It's super crafty and also uses up all your scraps! How beautiful are her colour choices?

    Silhouette cut HappyFlex HTV Christmas design:

    • This is the perfect jumper to wear to pick up your Christmas tree or to wear while you are decorating it.
    • Hand draw or download a design online and cut different elements out in different colours of HTV.
    • Watch a whole scene come together with intricate detail.

    Hand cut HTV Christmas lights:

    • Christine from Sew Yeah also up-cycled this fabulous lights jumper above, using a variety of vinyl effects.
    • Simply cut a long wiggly line which you could create in sections.
    • Then cut the tops of the bulbs and then finish with a sparkly bulb.
    • We love how each bulb stands out on this striped fabric!

    Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree:

    • Simple layers can really create an impact especially using different tones of green!
    • Cut out each layer of your design and press and peel one layer at a time.
    • Decorate your tree with extra glitz and baubles. Use HappyGlitter or HappyFlock, take the plastic carrier off the vinyl and hole punch shapes.
    • If you love pastel colours, why not create a sugar plum style jumper?
    • This jumper was hand cut using our template in our new Craftmas guide. This booklet includes lots of festive project tutorials and inspiration from Cushions to wall hangings.

    Beautiful HTV baubles with added embroidery:

    • Sophia from @sew__jessalli created this amazing jumper full of HappyGlitter shapes and beautiful embroidered details.
    • The appliqué and HappyFabric HTV together create a 3D, playful texture.

    Silhouette cut HTV Christmas scene:

    • There was no stopping us up-cycling this sequin jumper decorated with this magical scene from Christmas Eve.
    • Use larger rolls of vinyl to create a statement design like this Christmas scene.
    • Include every detail from windows to the decorative sleigh. We used HappyFlex Silver for this silhouette.

    Glittery goodness:

    Hole punch HTV stars:

    • A jumper that is so simple to create! The stars are a fun and amazing effect to add to your jumper using HappyGlitter.
    • Simply peel away the plastic carrier from the glitter and use a hole punch to create cut shapes.
    • Arrange into shapes such as a Christmas tree or wreath or maybe all over.

    Animal lovers jumpers:

    • What an adorable Festive feline jumper created by Joy from @pinkcoatclub. It has the most adorable sparkly HappyGlitter hat too!
    • Make your Christmas jumper even more personal by adding your favourite pet, animal or a simple reindeer and get them dressed up for the season.

    Traditional reindeer with a red nose:

    • Outlining a design is a great way to show the fabric through your design, like this reindeer head.
    • Why not combine different vinyl effects like HappyGlitter and HappyFlock to create texture and sparkle?

    What Christmas jumper will you make this year with HTV?

    Don't forget to tag us in your creations on our Facebook or Instagram as we love to see what you've been creating!

    Check out all our HTV colours and effects online at www.happyfabric.co.uk

    Christmas kits and bundles are available here.

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  • How to: Christmas letter holder using HappyFabric vinyl

    Let's Deck the halls with a festive feature for your home adding a handy storage area for Father Christmas' letters. Not only can you keep them safely tucked away but it can also take pride of place in the living room or hall way.

    Did you know you can add our vinyls to crafting wood such as this plain plywood letter box?

    This little letter box has a great flat surface to add some vinyls to the front. Whether it's for Christmas decor, a house warming gift or to keep your office organised, the options for personalisation are endless!

    With this tutorial you will be well away adding vinyls to your crafting wood whether it's using a cutting machine, hole punch or scissors to cut the vinyl. You could also choose from our wide range of colours and effects to match your home colour scheme!

    We have chosen some gorgeous HappyGlitter vinyls to include some glimmer and shine for the festive season.

    • Weeding tool (optional)
    • Star hole punches (optional, ours are from HobbyCraft)

    Let's get started...

    1. Measure the area you want your design to be pressed. Make sure this a flat surface where an iron can fit.

    2. Type out your lettering on your cutting machine programme in your chosen size. Flip this horizontally as you will be cutting into the back of the vinyl. Make sure you change the settings to suit your vinyl choice. For example we have chosen 'Heat transfer glitter' in our Silhouette Studio programme.

    3. Place your vinyl shiny side down onto the mat and load this into your cutting machine. Send your design to cut.

    4. Once your vinyl is cut you can roughly cut around your design saving the left over vinyl for a different project. Using a weeding tool peel away the background revealing the lettering. Then make sure you weed out any details within the lettering like the loops in letters.

    5. Add your vinyl design to the letter box shiny side facing you. Place greaseproof paper on top and press with an iron (2 dot setting) for 10-15 seconds in sections making sure each letter gets even heat.

    6. Carefully peel away the plastic carrier while warm, making sure the letters have attached. If a few letters haven't quite stuck, this means it needs a little more heat. Simply add the greaseproof paper on top and press again for a few more seconds.

    7. To add a little pop of colour we peeled away the carrier off of the vinyl and used 2 different sized star hole punches. This created the perfect stars to add either side of the writing.

    8. Press each star for 10 seconds (2 dot setting).

    It's finished!! Now you can bring joyful character to a room along with some dazzling decorations. It really does get you into the spirit and excitement to come!

  • How To:- HTV HobbyCraft Blank Advent Calendar

    It may only be November but some Christmas Crafting has to start early in readiness for the Christmas countdown come December. Follow our step by step tutorial to create our beautifully scalloped advent calendar, using our fabulously fuzzy HappyFlock.

    What you will need...

    1 First of all you must always pre-heat your iron. As we are using HappyFlock we will be setting the temperature slightly higher at 165degrees. Be sure to also give your advent calendar a good press with NO STEAM. giving the advent calendar a pre press will remove the moisture from the fabric which will allow the vinyl to adhere.

    2. Once you have given everything a pre press measure how big the pockets are width ways. This will be your measurement to create the scallop trim at the top of your pocket.

    3. Once you have your measurement draw a rectangle which will be about a inch in height. Then along one of the longer edges use something small and round to draw around to create the scallop detail. We have used a cotton reel. Repeat this shape on all of your coloured vinyl's for every pocket.

    4. Once you have drawn our all of your scallop trims, cut them out and place them onto the Advent Calendar.

    5. Once you are happy with the order of the colour etc fuse into place. Make sure that you use release paper between the iron and the vinyl. This will protect your vinyl from direct heat. When fusing the vinyl be sure to apply firm pressure to the iron for the recommended time. For HappyFlock this is 15-20secs.

    6. Once you have fused all the vinyl's allow it to cool before peeling away the plastic carrier. Once peeled away it with reveal the fabulously fuzzy HappyFlock.

    7. Now its time to create the number for each pocket. Decide what colours you would like each number to be, I used scrap vinyl to help me envisage how the colours will look under different coloured scallops.

    8. When you have decide on definite colours, grab your vinyls, stencil, pen and scissors. Flip your stencil over so it reads in reverse along with your vinyl ( you will draw on the matt side of the vinyl.) and draw your letters on like so...

    9. Cut all of your numbers out. Once you have cut all your numbers out repeat the fusing technique onto your Caldendar, and enjoy the peely peely part to reveal your beautiful numbers.

    10. Hang your HappyFlock Masterpiece up with pride and fill it with your favourite treats ready for the Holly Joy Season.

    I hope your enjoyed our Tutorial and that it has inspired you to create your very own advent calendar to keep for every year. Tell me, what do you fill your advent calendar with? This year we are filling it with a beautiful selection of our vinyls!

    Much Love, and Merry Christmas x

  • Claire Mackaness crafting with HappyFabric HTV

    Let's kick start this week with a guest blog all about the wonderful Claire Mackaness. Claire is a self taught craftsperson based in Brentwood, Essex.  She specialises in making ‘Beautiful Things’ as gifts for you and your home. Claire shares her skills and techniques in her fun classes and workshops.

    We first met Claire at the well known 'Knitting and Stitching Show' London, earlier in the year. Chatting all things crafty with Claire, she mentioned her exciting plan to create a rainbow project in neon HTV colours. Anyone who knows us well, will know we adore a rainbow project, from glittery trainers to wall hangings.

    Claire later transformed a t-shirt and pair of joggers, showing how the vinyl can be hand and machine cut, creating this beautiful rainbow design!

    Look at that amazing finish using our fabulously bright Fluo HTV bundle.

    Since our last show, the months have whizzed past and suddenly we are just over a month away until Christmas! This is a very exciting time to craft and make wonderful decorations and gifts. It's the perfect excuse to find time to relax and learn something new, especially as we are spending more time at home.

    We sent Claire our brand NEW Santa Sack HTV Kit which we launched just over a week ago, WOOHOO! As you may know it includes everything you need to personalise and create your own Santa Sack.

    Here are Claire's chosen colours above, which remind us of a dreamy, pastel Winter Wonderland!

    What's great about our kit is that there are pre-cut vinyl designs included, which is a great way to start personalising your sack! Claire shared with us her decorated Santa Sack and we are obsessed with her sparkly bow and little snowman design!

    We are so pleased Claire enjoyed using our kit, testing out hand cutting our vinyl as well as layering techniques! The beautiful Green HappyGlitter bow really glistens, giving us the ultimate festive feel. And we can't forget the little snowman tag, adding an adorable feature finishing Claire's unique design. No one else will have the same Santa Sack making it a special keepsake and gift to fill with lots of goodies!

    Check out Claire's social channels for more fun crafty projects!

    Website - Facebook community - Instagram - Youtube

    Check out out Christmas HTV Kits online.

  • How to:- Create and decorate your own Christmas Tree Wall Hanging.

    When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree, do you like it to be done in a particular way? Do you rearrange what the kids have done once they head for bed? Well stress no more! The kids can have their very own Christmas Tree to decorate while you get on with the big boy!

    Don't forget to add the star or angel.

    What you will need...

    • HappyPress4/Iron
    • HappyFlock - Green (Tree)
    • HappyGlitter - Brown (Pot)
    • Ready made Felt Decorations.
    • Sticky back Velcro
    • 1metre of calico
    • Sewing machine

    Begin by having all of your materials to hand, and pre heating your iron or HappyPress4 to 165 Degrees, which is the 2 dot setting on your domestic Iron.

    Cut your calico into a banner shape have ever large you want it to be.

    When you are happy with the shape hem around the edges to make the banner look lovely and neat.

    Hem your Banner

    Fold the top edge over and sew another seam leaving enough gap to slide some wooden dowel through for the banner to hang from.

    Give the banner a pre press to remove all the moisture from the fabric before starting to fuse your vinyl.

    Lay the banner out flat and then lay your green vinyl on the top. With a marker pen draw out the shape of your Christmas tree.

    Once you are happy with your Christmas tree shape cut it out.

    Then fuse onto the banner.

    Once the whole tree has been fused into place, peel away the plastic carrier sheet on your HappyFlock. This will reveal you fuzzy HappyFlock underneath.

    Now is the time to grab the felt decorations that you may have decorated in the past. Lay them on to the Christmas to get an idea of where the Velcro should go on your tree.

    Begin to add the Velcro in place of the decorations and stick one side down.

    Add the other side of the Velcro onto the back of the decorations. Don't forget your Star at the top of the tree.

    Add any extras that you might want like stars for the background or a HappyGlitter Pot for extra sparkle.

    And there you have it! A great way to keep the little hands away from your perfectly decorated tree. And the great thing about it is, that the kids can change it up when ever they get bored.

    We would love to see what decorations and tree banners you create so be sure to tag us and send us pictures of your Christmas master pieces!

  • How to: Personalised memory scrapbook

    A personalised memory scrap book is a great way to record and craft up thoughts, ideas and memories. We decided to personalise this scrap book to record memories of 2020, as many of us have and are spending more time at home due to the lockdown. This could be filled with Children's drawings, photos and important memories of the year.

    Whether you've been baking, crafting, gardening or having a daily walk. This little book could be a diary for the year to look back on.

    For this project you will need:

    1. If you are using a cutting machine, start by creating your design. We added 'Lockdown memories' and mirrored this as we will be cutting into the back (non shiny side) of the vinyl. We added the vinyl shiny side down onto the mat and cut this out of the black HappyFlock.

    2. We also created a rainbow design ready to cut each arch separately using the different HappyFlex rainbow colours.

    3. We cut one arch at a time on our Silhouette Cameo 4 machine.

    4. Once cut we used a weeding tool to peel away the excess vinyl and reveal the arch shapes.

    5. Next we placed the first arch onto the book shiny side up, added greaseproof paper on top and pressed this with an iron.


    Time: 10 seconds across the design in sections

    Temperature: 150 degrees/ 2 dot setting.

    6. Peel the carrier away before pressing the next layer.

    7. Repeat the pressing and peeling stages until you have a full rainbow.

    Here is what the rainbow will look like altogether. We love these colours and the smooth finish on the book.

    8. Next add the last part of the design shiny side up. We chose to cut each 'Lockdown' letter separately to create an arched shape around the rainbow. As we chose to use HappyFlock for the writing we pressed each letter for 15 seconds at 165 degrees.

    9. Once cool to touch we peeled away the carrier from each HappyFlock letter, revealing a velvety texture.

    Tah Dah! Here it is ready to add photos, drawings and things learnt during lockdown. Maybe it will help plan projects you want to create. For example you could create a project or drawing a day on each page. It is something to fill and keep busy crafting with.

    Check out our range of HTV colours and effects on our website.

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  • How to: HTV wooden pumpkin decoration

    With Autumn well and truly here, the candles, soft cushions and throws start to make an appearance in our homes, creating a cosy nest for Winter. With Halloween creeping around next week (how is it here already?) we couldn’t resist a pumpkin themed project to add to the Autumnal décor. We have had this wooden craft pumpkin since last Halloween, originally purchased from HobbyCraft. When we found it in our craft box, we jumped for joy as we knew vinyl would transform this into the ultimate sign for the front door/ window. 

    You can follow along with our simple steps below to create your very own or you may want to add the vinyl to a t-shirt or cushion. 

    For this project you will need:

    A flat wooden craft project – Wooden pumpkin from HobbyCraft

    HappyGlitter HTV: Fluo Orange, Watermelon

    HappyFlex HTV: Black 

    HappyRelease paper or greaseproof paper 

    HappyPress or iron


    Machine cutting: Cutting machine and weeding tool 


    Hand cutting: Permanent marker pen and a letter stencil

    Step 1:

    Measure your wooden project to see what size you would like the writing to be.

    Step 2:

    Machine cutting HTV:

    Create your design on your cutting machine programme to the size you would like. We decided to create the slogan ‘Hey there Pumpkin’. This would be perfect to hang by a front door or in the window for people passing by to see. Make sure you reverse (mirror) your design before pressing cut on your machine.

    Hand cutting HTV:

    Choose a stencil, create your own and draw around this onto the front (shiny side) of the vinyl using a marker pen. 

    Step 3:

    Machine cutting:

    Add the vinyl sheet shiny side down onto the cutting mat and feed this into your machine. Make sure the correct settings are selected for the type of vinyl you are using. In our project we are using HappyGlitter iron on vinyl. Then click send to cut and watch the machine cut your design.

    Hand cutting:

    Use scissors to cut around your design.

    Step 4: 

    Weed your design to reveal the lettering. We took the letters out of the 'Hey there' to create an opposite effect with a background of glitter.

    The 'Pumpkin' we took away the background to reveal the letters as they are.

    Step 5:

    Place the first layer of your design onto the wood and add greaseproof paper on top. Press with an iron or heat press (2 dot setting/ 150 degrees) for 10 seconds making sure every part of the vinyl gets even pressure and heat. 

    Step 6:

    Peel the top layer (shiny carrier) from the HappyGlitter vinyl whilst warm. Once the HappyFlex vinyl is cool to touch peel the carrier away too.

    Step 6: 

    Add a second layer of vinyl if desired. We placed a layer of HappyGlitter vinyl on top of the HappyFlex to create a bold effect. Simply press and peel using the same previous steps.

    You now have a cute decoration to hang adding an extra spooky but cute touch to a room or window display. It would definitely make anyone who walks past smile! 

    Why not choose different colours and designs for your pumpkin? We have a wide range of colours and effects to choose from online. 

    Here are a few ideas a group of amazing crafters created at our event a Halloween event a few years ago.

    Created by @pinkcoatclub (Instagram)

    Created by @emmakesandbakes (Instagram)

    Created by @emmajewellcrafts (Instagram)

    Aren't they fabulous?

    How would you decorate yours?

    Check out our range of colours and effects on our website.

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  • How to: Halloween Sweet treat bag

    Halloween may be a little different this year but it doesn't mean you have to miss out on the sweet treats. Why not create a personalised bag and have a trick or treat around the house or garden? This could be a fun sweet hunt/ game to play with the children.

    We have chosen HappyGlitter Holo Black vinyl for this treat bag but you could choose some other spooky colours from our wide range of Heat transfer Vinyl online.

    For this project you will need:

    1. Measure how wide you would like the writing to be.

    2. Create your artwork on your cutting machine programme. This is Silhouette Studio suitable to use with a Silhouette branded machine. Make sure you reverse or mirror your design once your design is complete.

    3. Add the vinyl shiny side down onto the cutting mat and insert into your machine. Make sure the setting is suited to your vinyl material. Press send to cut and watch it cut your design out.

    If you are hand cutting you could draw around a stencil onto the vinyl and cut these out with scissors. Make sure if you are using pen to draw a shape onto the vinyl to make sure all pen marks have been cut away. This is to avoid marking your fabric later on.

    4. If you have machine cut your design, use a weeding tool to reveal the lettering.

    5. Pre-press the fabric to eliminate all creases and moisture within the fabric.

    6. Place your vinyl design shiny side up onto the fabric and add greaseproof paper on top. Press with an iron (2 dot setting) for 10 seconds across the design. Be sure to give each letter heat with firm, even pressure.

    7. The HappyGlitter vinyl carrier can be peeled away while warm revealing it's sparkly texture.

    You can add some fun halloween vinyl shapes around the writing to add extra spook!

    Now you can plan your Halloween fun and most importantly fill the bag with sweet treats! These bags would also make a great gift full of halloween activities and crafts to join in with ready for 31st October.

  • HTV Animal print design obsession

    Fancy adding some animal print to your projects?

    Animal print gets a yes from us in the HappyFabric studio. We love how creative you can get with colour combinations and the placement of the vinyl shapes. Plus, you can jazz up an item of clothing, a cushion or anything fabric that catches your eye.

    Create the ultimate simple yet statement project that no one else will have. Let us show you some examples of our favourite animal projects that we adore!

    Marnie created these outfits for Halloween fun at home. Can anyone guess the film that she was inspired by? Yes...101 Dalmatians, who said Halloween costumes had to be scary? It's such a quick and easy costume that ANYONE can make with a few sheets of our vinyls. Check out our tutorial on how to make your own here.

    These Jaimie Pyjama shorts (Tilly and the Buttons sewing pattern) are the most comfy and colour contrasting shorts ever. We love how the colours compliment the lilac fabric and the fact they have an amazing velvet-like texture. That's thanks to the Grey HappyFlock which brings a soft feel to night-wear.

    A trip to the zoo inspired Hayley's initial over-sized jumper. It is the ultimate Giraffe print created within a letter 'H'. The HappyFlock colours were perfect for this make and create a beautiful finish to a cosy, Autumn outfit.

    Hand cut leopard print shapes layered in HappyFlex vinyl, along with the very top HappyFlock layer have created a piece of art around this t-shirt neckline. The contrast in colours gives a pop that we cannot resist!

    A prowling leopard cushion adds a fun element to a bed, sofa or chair. We hand cut the vinyl and layered the shapes to create a simple illustrative look.

    Why not create a decorative piece for the wall? Simply layer HappyFlex vinyl to create a printed look which has a smooth, soft surface.

    We adore these two projects created by @loveleigh.makes on instagram. For a single printed feel why not go for a simple black or white design to create your silhouette/ outline? The added star creates a funky look adding character and a pop of colour.

    Maybe a more minimal colour scheme would work with your wardrobe? We are so in love with @lucyhannahmakes make. By using beautiful fabric from @minervacrafts she has created her own beautiful top finished with our Heat Transfer Vinyls to create this stunning oversized leopard print to the sleeves.

    What kind of animal print will you create?

    Check out more of our projects on our social channels below. Also don't forget to tag us in your projects as we love to see what crafty designs you have been creating.

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  • How To: Quick and Easy Dalmatian Costume.

    HTV Quick and Easy Dalmatian Costume.

    It comes to that time of year when I ask myself the dreaded question of which Halloween costume am I going to make this year? Well fear not. I have created a super quick and easy costume that ANYONE can create. With a plain white tee and a few sheets on vinyl you can become your favorite character. This year I have created matching dalmatian tees for me and my daughter. She loves 100 and 1 dalmatians so I thought this would be perfect and I can join in too. Dressing up isn’t just for the kids.

    What you will need…

    White T Shirt

    Iron/Heat Press

    HappyFlock -Black

    HappyFlex- Red/Light Blue

    HappyGlitter – Gold




    1. Pre heat your iron/heat press to 165 degrees.
    2. Give your tee a pre press to remove any moisture within the fabric. This will allow your vinyl to adhere to the fabric.
    3. Take your HappyFlock and begin to cut out un-perfect spots. All different shapes and sizes will be perfect as this will make your dalmatian pattern more realistic. Big ones and small ones are all good.
    4. Lay your tee out flat and begin to place your spots where you would like them. Be sure not to overlap any at this point.
    5. Once you are happy with your layout, cover the spots over with greaseproof paper and apply firm pressure to your iron/heat press for about 15seconds. Be sure not to move your iron around while applying the pressure.
    6. Once all the spots are fused into place allow the vinyl to cool, before peeling away the plastic carrier on top of the vinyl.
    7. Once all plastic carriers have been removed you can now start to add any other spots that you would like to overlap. Repeat the fusing process again.

    Now it’s time to create the collar. I have used HappyFlex Light Blue and Red, along with HappyGlitter Gold for the Licence.

    1. Lower the heat of your iron/press to 150degrees.
    2. Add a piece of paper to the neckline, and then with your pencil feel the ridge of the neckline and trace it onto the paper.
    3. Then Cut that line out and check it sits nicely around the neck of the tee. Trim away any over lap if necessary. Draw another line about 2 cm away from the original to create arch, then cut this out. This will create the template for collar.
    4. Grab your HappyFlex and draw around your template onto the back of the vinyl (shiny side facing down) and cut out.
    5. Once it is cut out, lay into place on the tee and fuse like before but only for 10seconds this time. HappyFlex does not need as long a time to fuse.
    6. Once you have fused the collar into place remove the plastic carrier.
    7. Now to make the HappyGlitter Gold Licence. Hand cut a diamond shape in Gold HappyGlitter vinyl and lay in place.
    8. Lay the diamond at the bottom of the collar and add a small sliver to the top point of the diamond this will make the licence look as if it is hanging. Once you are happy with the placement fuse into place.
    9. Remove plastic carriers one last time to reveal the glitteriest HappyGlitter Licence.
    10. WOOF WOOF WOOF – You are now a dalmatian. Why not continue the dalmatian print onto a pair of white trousers to complete the look!

    I hope you love the quick and easy step by step guide to our Dalmatian costume.

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