• DIY Star Nails using HappyVinyl

    Star striking nails in 5 minutes? Yes please!

    We are bringing back the 90's nail sticker trend with personalised nails to make you go wow!

    Hayley was inspired to add a fun design to her nails. She got the HappyVinyl self-adhesive out and ready with a star design. This is the perfect project for using up small scraps and getting crafty with the cutter.

    Choose from different shapes, effects and colours to make your nails totally unique...

    For this project we used:

    • HappyVinyl Gloss: Navy Blue
    • A cutter (Silhouette, Circuit or Brother ScanNCut)
    • HappyWeeder tool
    • Scissors
    1. First we created different star shapes in Silhouette studio (or an alternative cutting machine programme.

    2. Next, we placed the HappyVinyl colour side up onto the mat and sent the design to cut.

    3. We used a weeding tool to weed away the excess vinyl. This revealed the star design ready to add to our nails.

    Here are the HappyVinyl shapes all cut.

    4. We peeled away the stars from the backing and placed these directly onto our dry nails. Next we pressed each star down onto the nail.

    Tah Dah! The nails are complete! You could add a clear top coat to seal the designs down.

  • Crafting LIVE with Laura Fernandez Designs

    Have you checked out Laura Fernandez Design Before? Laura makes the most beautiful Polymer Clay Jewellery and home accessories ALL by hand. Check out her Etsy shop here.

    I have loved Laura's designs for quite a while now, so I thought it would be a great idea to see how Laura could use our New HappyVinyl on here beautiful earrings. I was lucky enough to get sent my own pair to decorate alongside Laura, Watch our IGTV to see how our earrings turned out!

  • Luparia Sewing- LIVE Demo and Q&A

    Did you catch our LIVE with Rosa from Lupariasewing?

    We had the wonderful Rosa from @lupariasewing join us for a Q&A as well as some fun project making.

    Watch Rosa personalise her fabric ready to add to sew a ‘Love Basket’ - Her Free pattern is available here.

    We also decorated a craft bag and show how you can layer using HappyFlex and HappyGlitter HTV ✨ What do you think of our creations?

    Watch along in our video below.

  • DIY: Gin The Mood HappyFlock HTV T-shirt

    If you or someone you know is a Gin lover then this crafty project is the one for you! It's so simple to make and is perfect for lounging in or dressing up when we can meet up again and have drinks!

    Who's Gin The Mood to get crafting?

    For this project you will need:

    Let's get making...

    1. First type out your words and choose a font style you like in your cutting machine programme. We are using Silhouette Studio for our Silhouette Cameo 4 machine. Make sure you flip or mirror your writing before cutting.

    2. Place the HappyFlock vinyl shiny (carrier) side down onto the cutting mat and load this into your machine. Send your design to cut and watch your machine go!

    3. A great tip is to cut around your design carefully so that the rest of the vinyl can be saved for future projects. Next, weed your design to reveal the writing. A HappyWeeder is a great tool to pick out all the small areas which are not needed from the design.

    Once weeded it will look something like this.

    4. Pre-press your t-shirt to eliminate all creases and moisture within the fabric. This gives the vinyl a great base to attach to.

    5. Place the vinyl shiny side up onto the t-shirt so you can read the writing. Then add HappyRelease or Greaseproof paper on top.

    6. Press for 15 seconds at 165 degrees. If you are using an iron make sure each section gets heat for this amount of time.

    7. Once cool to touch peel away the clear carrier to reveal the amazing HappyFlock feel. This velvet-like texture created a luxurious and fun feel to fabric!

    Your T-shirt is now ready to wear for all occasions!

    Leave to set on the fabric 2 days before washing. For cutting, peeling and washing guidelines check out our DIY sheet online.

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  • How to:- HTV Female Line Drawing

    You know those really beautiful simple line drawings which make stunning pieces of art? Well our crafter Marnie thought she would give drawing one a go. It was A LOT harder than she thought. After many attempts Marnie resorted to rubbing bits out and redrawing, rather than one continuous line. But the overall effect worked out well in the end.

    Marnie started by doing LOTS of line drawings to get the right design.
    Once Marnie was happy with the design she went over the pencil with a black marker pen.
    Marnie took a photo of her final artwork and downloaded it into Silhouette Studio, which is the software we use when cutting on the silhouette cameo 4.
    Once you have your artwork in silhouette studio you can select the 'Trace' tool.
    Drag the trace tool over your artwork and click trace.
    The trace tool will then highlight your work. You can then drag away the original photo, and it will leave your artwork full outlined ready to cut into vinyl. Use the rubber tool to get rid of any untidiness that you don't need. And then cut your work on the Silhouette Cameo 4 in HappyFlex White

    And THAT is how to get your own artwork from the page into real life.

    Use the HappyPress2.1 to fuse your work onto a cute little t-shirt or anything else you could think of.
  • DIY Plant Pot slogan using HappyVinyl

    Ever wanted to add your own words or designs to a plant pot, vase or jar?

    Whether you are up-cycling a jam jar or decorating a plat pot as a gift, our New HappyVinyl can transform a simple item in your house into something expensive looking and unique. For today's project we are showing you how to add this Self-Adhesive HappyVinyl in simple steps. You will be labelling and decorating in no time!

    Grab your pot, vase or jar and let's get making!

    You will need:

    • A pot, vase or jar - (Clean, dry and oil free surface)
    1. First you want to measure your item to see how wide and tall you want the writing or design to be.

    2. We then opened Silhouette Studio which is a programme suited to Silhouette cutter machines. However, you could also use an alternative cutter such as Cricut or BrotherScanNCut. Type out your words or create your design. For HappyVinyl Self-Adhesive you do not need to mirror your design.

    3. Place your HappyVinyl colour side up onto the cutting machine mat and load this into the machine. Then send your design to be cut using the setting available on our Downloads page on our website.

    4. Once the Vinyl has been cut remove it from the machine and mat and in the light you should be able to see the cut lines. We cut around our design to save the rest of the vinyl for another project.

    5. Using a weeding tool take away the excess vinyl to reveal the design. This tool is SUPER handy!

    6. Using HappyVinyl Mask cut a piece out to fit over the design. Peel a corner away and start applying it on top of the HappyVinyl. Slowly peel the backing away until all the mask is applied. Use a squeegee to firmly press the tape onto your design.

    7. Next peel away the mask. The Vinyl should be stuck to this, if some areas haven't quite transferred you can use the squeegee to press firmly on these areas and try again.

    8. Place the Vinyl onto the pot in place and use the squeegee to push down on your design. Use a up and down motion making sure it is pressed onto the pot.

    9. Lastly, peel away the mask tape to see your design transferred to the pot.

    Tah Dah! You have a wonderful pot to display in your house amongst other plants or you may want to wrap it up as a gift for a loved one!

    We would love to see your creations with our HappyVinyl or Heat Transfer Vinyl, don't forget to tag us in your posts.

    For more project tutorials and inspiration follow us on:

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  • HappyFabric join Like Sew Amazing's Instagram LIVE

    We loved joining Like Sew Amazing's Friday Lunch time LIVE.

    We chatted all about personalising your me-made clothes with HappyFabric! See Sarah's amazing fabric range as well as her finished hand sewn garments. Watch our LIVE video where we use HappyFlex Animal HTV to personalise a jumper and transform a cushion.

    Watch our LIVE video on Instagram here

    Here's a closer look at Sarah's creation.

    Doesn't she look amazing in her me-made jumper?

    Here is the cushion Hayley up-cycled using 3 different vinyl types.

    What do you think of the colour combination?

  • LIVE :- Anna Spurling Design

    We are absolutely loving doing our LIVE chats on Instagram with lovely fellow creatives about their business. This week Marnie was joined by the lovely Anna Spurling who specialises in Textiles design for hair accessories and home textiles. Anna talks us through how she came to have such a signature style for her designs, working through lock down, being accepted as a Not of the High street Seller, and has a cheeky discount for her Etsy shop too (HAPPYFABRIC). Check it all out in the IGTV below.

  • DIY Easter Sign using HappyVinyl

    Fancy jazzing up your home or garden ready for Easter? Then it's time to hop this way! This is the ultimate Easter project to set the scene and make searching for those Chocolate eggs even more exciting. Let us show you exactly how we created it using our new Self-Adhesive HappyVinyl.

    You will need:

    Step 1: Create a design

    Here we are using Silhouette Studio to create our shapes and writing made up of circles and triangles. An alternative cutting machine programme such as Cricut or BrotherScanNCut can be used to cut our vinyl too.

    For hand cutting, you could also use a stencil to draw around, onto the back of the HappyVinyl.

    Step 2: Cut the design out

    Use a cutting machine or scissors to cut your designs out. HappyVinyl is placed colour side up onto a cutting mat. This means your design doesn't need mirroring like HTV does.

    For hand cutting make sure to draw onto the back of the vinyl make sure you mirror you flip your stencil before drawing. You don't want to end up with backwards writing once you flip the vinyl on its right side.

    3. Once the vinyl has been cut on a machine weed away the access vinyl to reveal the design. The Vinyl can then be peeled away from the backing and placed straight onto the wooden sign. Smooth each element with a squeegee.

    4. Apply one layer at a time to build up your design.

    The best way to transfer writing is to use HappyVinyl Mask tape. Simply peel away part of the tape and press onto the starting point of your design. Then slowly peel away the backing until the tape has been smoothly applied. Use a squeegee to press each letter down.

    Peel the mask away- this should result in your letters being stuck to the clear part of the tape. Place the writing sticky side down onto the project and smooth over with a squeegee. Once all the letters have been firmly pressed over, peel the mask away to reveal it stuck to the project.

    Look how cute it is! It's ready to add to the house or garden and the hunt can begin! What's amazing about HappyVinyl is that it can be stuck to almost any hard surface. Just make sure it's clean, dry and oil free. Apply it to glass, Plastic, wood and more!

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  • Instagram LIVE with HouseOfOwls

    How lovely to have a catch up with the wire artist Lorraine from House Of Owls . We had a chat about How Lorraine started out her business, her inspirations and how she has kept going throughout lock down. Catch it below on IGTV. Be sure to watch till the end for a special House of Owls Discount.

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