August challenge inspiration

Who loves a craft challenge?

Whether you are joining in or watching along, we have had some fun challenges which we hope you will love just as much as us!

With our crafty up-cycle challenges (before lockdown) spreading a creative buzz in the HappyFabric studio, returning back to work meant we could dive right into some new challenges.

Having two crafters in the studio equals the best time to have a craft-off and see how different projects can turn out having individual styles. We wanted to bring you more fun challenges you can join in with at home or be inspired by.

Our first challenge back together was transforming two plain white t-shirts using a bottle of dye and a selection of up to 2 vinyls. We couldn't believe how well our tie dye came out in a beautiful fuchsia colour! Adding the vinyls really finished our items off with the ultimate personalised touch.

If you missed our behind the scenes videos/ tutorials check them out below.

Our most recent challenge was making use of foldable polka-dot storage baskets. Marnie and Hayley had such different usage ideas which led to a secret challenge to see how each others would turn out.

It's amazing how the same project base can be transformed using vinyl!

Just look at the difference between Marnie and Hayley's baskets! One is made for a baby gift which could be filled with lots of useful goodies as a baby shower gift. The other is the perfect storage for all the crafty tools and fabrics to add to a craft room.

What challenge would you like us to do next?

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