DIY cushion step tutorial


Hi everyone, it’s Hayley with a new project to add a bit of sparkle to your home! Perfect for valentines but also for all year round to add a little bit of love to your home. These can be added in any of our heat transfer vinyl colours so you can create a neutral colour cushion or a bright colour pop!

What you will need:

Step 1:

Firstly I created an arrow template, which I used to draw around to get the same arrow shape. I drew 15 arrows on the back of the black flex vinyl and 15 on the back of the silver glitter vinyl.

Tip: Make sure you cut all the pen marks off to avoid the pen transferring to the fabric.

Step 2:

I then pressed the cushion with an iron to create a smooth surface and to take the moisture out of the fabric. Now the first black arrow can be placed onto the cushion where you would like it.

Tip: I started from the corner first and worked my way across.

Step 3:

Put greaseproof paper on top and press with the iron for 10 seconds - try to avoid moving the iron up and down. The plastic carrier topping can then be peeled away while warm.

Tip: Carefully pull away the plastic carrier.

Step 4:

Add the glitter vinyl arrow on top of the black arrow in a staggered position. Then add greaseproof paper and press this again with an iron for 10 seconds. Then peel off the plastic carrier while hot.

Step 5:

Press all the other black arrows in place and then the glitter arrows.

Yay your cushion is finished! Add this to a stack of comfy cushions for a LOVE-ly touch to your home.

DIY cushion step tutorial

- HappyFlex black vinyl
- HappyGlitter silver vinyl

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